Vegas On Fire(For The BIG Fight)


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Aug 29, 2012
Here's one for ya! I'am sitting at the airport in Vegas and I feel bad about my last night. I ended up with abit too much whiskey and attitude to play anything ,but my pillow.

It is funny because I hate drunk's trying to play and acting a fool.I was admittedly buzzed.but not obnoxious. I just make poor judgement's and it cost me money usually.At any rate I was down $9,000.00 for the week-end. which considering the play I had is not that bad!

But like anyone else I like black ink and not red.So anyone whom has been to LV know's the slots in the airport.I decided to play a few while I digest my breaky and relax prior to our flight.I was watching an older lady play a poker game and it was acting kinda off.
She split and I started.A simple $1,5,10,20 slot and I just put $300 in and started and it was just like it had never stopped when the lady left.As a bump up went to $10 a pop It hit a Royal Natural Flush.

More bell's and noise than I have ever heard in any other slot win's.The top light was flashing and bouncing.The airport manager show's up with armed guard's and i'am escorted to the bowel's of the airport.there I was paid in check $32,000.00.:yahoo::yahoo::clap::thumbsup:

So my luck has intervened again.Sometime's my luck has a very poor outcome.But this is a great end to a fair Vegas week-end.The fight started it all and my luck was poor after the jinx from the has been fun thou.Peace Out! Out Of The Mist! shewoff

Bloody hell Shewoff, sounds like you had a riotous time out there, even right to the end!

Sounds like the perfect Vegas trip, be sure to post some pics :thumbsup:


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May 13, 2015
Well folk's it was a very nice play in Vegas this past week-end.My hat goes off to the fight promoter Golden Boy whom had the right idea for 3G to fight Canelo,But when you are not looking there is a fool in the work's and they do something stupid.The judge with the crossed eye's I will wager will stop being a world class judge and get the big boot.:axeman:

I wish to add my greatest Thanks to the Mandalay Bay and it's staff and customer's for the great suite and the fun provided us by them. And NO they did not get all of their money back.The service was top notch.And the casino is large and easy to navigate.Some really big casino's are so large you can get lost.My shots of the fight are not any good.The speed of the shots I wanted were just too fast for my cell's shutter.SORRY!

My wife has offered a new and amazing cell for my B-Day.She said if you are set on trying to share your adventure's.Then you must have the correct gear. A sound mind is one of the reason's I love her.

Miguel+Cotto+mcCMGNND1xjm_NEW.jpg This shot was taken while Cotto was doing some interview with a host.Tough fighter and has heart to boot. He beat Canelo and he is a great champ.Too ssmall for 3G thou.

CB_NEW.jpg Charles Barkley outside of the venue for the weigh in.He seemed very happy to be there and part of the show.Big cat man! Tall like a redwood.

MW_NEW.jpg Mark Whalberg was a great boxing mind and he is a normal guy with the shadow of Hollywood staring over his shoulder.His comment on the fight was"What a disappointment for the fighter's.Who put on a 1st class bout.I agree completely and my wife got a smooch and a autograph.Nice cat.

FA2862739A7DBAD5479C4A6BCD0_NEW.jpg A shot down river from Hoover Damn.I almost lost my breath it was sooo fantastic a view.

I have other shots on my wife's phone.but she seem's to have misplaced it.I don't say much when these thing's happen because "I have lost more than a phone before".This Vegas blast was a great one and I will be there if they fight again.But I think it may help if I don't wager on the fight itself .But the out come only. That is being a bit costly if you judge wrong.But not as costly as a loss due to a fool.

It is my hope that by bring the forum into my adventure.maybe member's will see the viability of Brick and Mortar casino's as an alternative to online gaming.Not the cure ,but most definitely a distraction.It was fun and I hope my gaming adventure's are not too boring for you.Peace Out! Out Of The Mist! shewoff


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Oct 30, 2015
Thanks for the stories....I think we appreciate and enjoy your adventures....can't wait to hear about the next one...

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