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Dec 31, 2004
After a huge win on Vegas Not Very Splendido, Casinomeister's newest accredited casino, I withdrew from Bank on 27th July. Eight days later I received a request for the usual documents, visa, utility, bill. Eight days? well, no hurry it's only my money. I sent scanned copy of these back within 5 minutes. On the 9th of August I received the same email - again asking for documents, again replied to instantly with docs attached. On the 16th of August I received a rude email from Vegas Not Very Splendido again asking for the documents this time threatening to reverse the withdrawal and lock my account. Again this was replied to immediately.

On the 19th August I phoned Vegas Not Very Splendido's customer disservice number to be told that they had still not received the documents. I sent them again twice while on the phone, not received, I sent another couple of test emails again not received. I gave up for the night.

On 20th August I again phoned; test emails were sent to me by customer disservice - I could receive their's but strangely they couldn't receive mine. I posted the documents on my website and asked them to download them, no they couldn't do that, against the rules. I sent a test email from my hotmail site - no that wasnt received either. Can you fax them they asked? No I can't, I don't have a fax machine, and we all know how good casinos are at having working fax machines. I insisted on staying on the phone until someone received my documents and eventually whoop-de-do someone admitted to receiving the documents and the cash-in could be processed.

I can only assume that a) the internet was broken or b) the unsupport staff were lying through their teeth when they said they hadn't and couldn't receive my emails. It just ticks me off that for people dealing with Vegas Not Very Splendido their only experience of South Africans (the nationality of VNVS' support staff) is being blatantly lied to by them.

My recommendation is go somewheres else , who needs this lot.

O yeah, the size of my huge win? About a hundred bucks - and Jesus was I made to work for it.
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Thanks for this.

Now I know why my emails are going unresponded to, including my documentation which they have asked for twice and I have sent twice.

Don't play here if you want to withdraw.
if your attachments are too large they have the tendency of going into the "junk" folders and they don't recieve them (i kjnow the case is with some casino's) so scale down the images and resend them
Well I can only go on my personal experience and this group have been fine. Paid out within 2 days and no request for docs
uungy said:
if your attachments are too large they have the tendency of going into the "junk" folders and they don't recieve them (i kjnow the case is with some casino's) so scale down the images and resend them

Yes, how very convenient this must be for the casinos...Just as convenient as ignoring your emails altogether when you're trying to get your money out of them.
Thanks for the heads up guys! I almost made a deposit until I saw this thread! I'll stick with the old tried and true.
Thank you for the valuable feedback on this forum. In response to the post by charliewilliams

It appears that some emails with attachments were being blocked by e-mail filters. The problem appears to have now been rectified. The cash in process at Vegas Splendido is usually very prompt. In varying circumstances players are asked to forward verification documents either via e-mail or fax..

With regard to this player in question, the e Cash department had requested the documents in separate e-mails on the 1st, 4th , 9th , 13th and 16th of August and was unaware that the incoming mails from this player were being blocked. Once the documents were received on the 20th August, the cashin was processed timeously and the player in question was sent an email confirming payment of funds.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate being made aware of the problem.


E-Cash at Vegas Splendido
It must just be an incredible coincidence that the only time I ever don't receive emails, or I send emails that aren't received, is when I'm trying to get money out of an internet casino.
They did eventually acknowledge receipt of my documentation and promptly paid.

My only query is in saying that the attachments were filtered does not explain why my email enquiring whether my attachments had been received also did not receive a reply.

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