Vegas Magic claiming bonus abuser and not paying winnings


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Jul 24, 2003
I received a spam from vegas magic so i figured i'd give them a try even though their signup bonus only allows slots to count for the wagering requirements. I managed to win big and cashout a bit over 3,000.00 and they are claiming that i am a bonus abuser and are not paying. I am not locked out of any other casinos like it and i have been paid fine from all the other casinos like it with the same software.
Dear Treelady,
I am so sorry to hear of this. Every single time I read of a casino deliberately robbing a player I could actually spit nails. Did you ask Bryan Bailey to help you? He is the "casinomeister" at this site, and he is very decent and hardworking. He can try to work something out with the casino. You can write to him at I hope all will work out in your favor.
Hi Linda. I would but i read he is on vacation and the last thing anything wants is my hassling them with a complaint while they are trying to enjoy the sunny beaches
My God it hasn't taken long for these charlatans (who are RTG powered - another feather in Michael Staw's cap - NOT) to go bad, has it? They were spamming everyone in sight earlier this week.

It's an English company called Cybergaming Limited out of Dorking, UK I believe.

I feel a Casino Caution coming on, but first let's see what they have to say...I've sent an email.
Not all of them unfortunately. There are apperantly so many copyright problems when putting them out on home-video that the chance of a complete boxset ala 'The Simpsons' is practically zero.

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