Vegas Magic Casino


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Nov 18, 2003
Can you tell me if Vegas Magic Casino is a reputable place to play, please? I cannot find anything negative about them anywhere...but thought I'd check with you since you have the 411 on all of the casinos. Thanks dude!


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Jun 30, 1998
Hi Booya,

Welcome to the forum!

Like I mentioned here: is a Real Time Gaming casino. They are set up on the "Cyberbet" server so they are probably under Cyberbet's wing which means they should have ample support to handle player concerns.

The Cyberbet group is one of the larger RTG groups that picks up the pieces when an RTG casino fails (Blast21, Gamblers Lobby, Net-Club casino, Palace of Chance, etc.). I think Vegas Magic is merely a new casino, not a previous failed operation. This is why there aren't many posts dealing with them.

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