Vegas lucky wont give cashout because I do not have neteller


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Jul 3, 2002
Arizona City, Az
I have always deposited via instadebit. Tonight I won when I did this.

When I went to cashout they said they are only processing cashouts now thorugh neteller. I told them that my bank does not accept neteller and that I closed that account, and that neteller will not reopen it, as my bank denied
a deposit from them. (my bank has stopped accepting most ewallets)
They said we are sorry but thats the only way we pay out.

I said the only way I could probably use neteller is if I have my husband open an account. The CS lady said that would be fine. He did, and they closed it rite away. I tried calling vegas luckys phone number and it was disconected. This is unbelievable. They can take my money by one payment form, and not pay me back? This is just great. Any ideas on where to go from here? Are these guys in dire straights or something that they can no longer pay in any form but neteller?


Ya know, forget it. Im tired of fighting to get paid. The US law has messed me up. I cant play the good places anymore like INet, as there is not one payment type my bank will take. Only instadebit, and they dont have it.

Ive had nothing but problems all month. The vip thing a few weeks ago,
I have a cashout at an mg that I requested last week and still have not recieved, then casinoshare denies my sign up bonus, and now this. Im done.
This used to be a good insdustry at the right places, but latley it seems 80 perecent of casinos just look for a reason not to pay.

VEgas lucky has taken my deposits from instadebit all this time, and they never had an intention to pay. How nice. I saved the chat session, the operator kept ignoring me, not even bothering to read what I was writting.
I told her my bank does not accept neteller, and my account is closed, after that she says, why dont you open a neteller account,....DUUHHHH...I felt like screaming can you read???? There is no excuse for this. I took no bonus, I played my money and won a royal, and basicly they gave me play money for my real money....... I really am done. I am seriosly considering blocking all casinos from my computer, because the stress of worryng am I gonna get paid? I call these places that dont want to pay a legitimate win, nothing but thieves. Sorry , but Ive just had it. I cant stand someone that steals from me and this is what has been done IMO. There deposit page should read something along the lines, to be aware they now only pay out by neteller.
Whywould I even think to go check the withdrawl page to see if they changed their terms?? Amazing.....

Ama, do they not even offer payout by cheque? Either regular mail or courier? Their withdrawal page (website) shows cheque and Neteller as the only payout options. If they'll send you a cheque, wouldn't you take that?
After you get the check..................
use a CHECH CASHING STORE...............and VOILA"
good luck kakata
After you get the check..................
use a CHECH CASHING STORE...............and VOILA"
good luck kakata

If you take it to a check cashing store, make sure you have the phone number of the bank it's drawn on. They won't cash it without contacting them to make sure it won't bounce.

Hopefully it's a toll-free number, and not international, as I'm sure they won't call overseas to check it out...

This place should be instantly rogued for this excuse! The reason no Neteller account is available is because Neteller themselves have made a policy decision not to accept Americans. Given this, the casino, knowing it could only pay through Neteller, should have immediately stopped taking money from American players. To continue to accept deposits knowing they had no ability to ever pay is fraud and or theft. I do not know of this place, but it's name sounds like a MiniVegas casino, but surely this cannot be so"!

If this lot are still accepting deposits from Americans, said Americans need to be made aware they can not ever withdraw unless they have somehow still got Neteller. I believe Neteller pulled the plug when Bush actually signed off the bill, some 2 months ago, so Vegas Lucky have effectively been operating a scam for 2 months for a large part of their player base.

This certaily shows that the US citizen is now prey to all the scammers in the industry now that almost all the casinos who care about their standing have pulled out of the US either partially or completely.

The industry may come to regret this if the US decides in the end to go for regulation.

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This casino is 100% owned and operated by Baru International Ltd., 62 Monks Avenue, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear, NE25 9RT. For any questions about our games, odds, payouts, or for any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact us 24/7 at, by clicking here for Casino Live Help, or simply by dialing Toll Free U.S. 1-888-262-0447.

Our well-experienced and highly trained casino support staff will be happy to assist you always.

We'll have none of this. After criticising the US for hosting companies that are postal-scamming the Brits, Vegas Lucky turn out to be a British company operating on a Costa Rican licence and still marketing to Americans. As such, they should be making certain they have a means to pay out to these customers whatever state they are from in America. There are some states that Neteller have never supported.

Whitley Bay is near Newcastle, and will be overseen by either Newcastle or Tyne & Wear trading standards offices. Neteller are regulated by the FSA, based on the Isle of Man and listed on London's AIM market.

The website offers overnight express up to $999 - one of these free per month.

I see no reason why the casino cannot pay out in installments of $999, and once per month will be free. Even Neteller is little better, only $2500 at a time can be processed.

I have an unsettling feeling that I have heard of "Baru International" before, and I don't recall it being in a favourable light!

There seem to be a few casinos out there seemingly owned by a UK company, but that behave like bandits. This is something the UK Gaming Board need to take a look at.

No, if you go inside the cashier, and click withrawl, it says sorry, but you may only withdrawl by neteller this time.

I actually signed up at this casino at another forum I belong to.
Others at this forum have had fast payouts and no problems, b eiong paid in 24 hours, so I decided to give them a try. I played a few times there this month.

Even if neteller would take us as a customer , with all the problems they have latley I would not want them anyway. I really do have a bad feeling this casino is going bust. I looked around more on their site and their bonus page has not been updated sice July. The 1-800 number is disconected. I finaly went since I couldnt withdrawl anyway and blew the win on huge bets, then de-installed. These guys really need to be rouged IMO. I dont play at a casino with real money to win monopoly money.

I forgot to add, when de-installing, its also one of those casinos where I get the message " can not find the install path" so I have to go delete it all manually. Do they think I will leave it on my computer and play more because its harder to remove? lol

This place should be instantly rogued for this excuse! The reason no Neteller account is available is because Neteller themselves have made a policy decision not to accept Americans.

I believe Neteller pulled the plug when Bush actually signed off the bill, some 2 months ago, so Vegas Lucky have effectively been operating a scam for 2 months for a large part of their player base.

You've been sorely misinformed (and are sorely misinforming) ... NETeller is still allowing Americans to deposit and withdraw.

Last announcement was that they were monitoring the situation during the 270 days that the banks had to devise regulations ... until then, it was business as usual.

I still use neteller myself and infact, I made a withdrawal to it a few days ago and then again today.

You can do a search in windows and click on all files and folders. Type in whatever you want like "casino", "bet" or the casino name and it will show you all associated files and folders for that subject and then you can delete from there without having to go to the directory.

Hope this helps

You've been sorely misinformed (and are sorely misinforming) ... NETeller is still allowing Americans to deposit and withdraw.

Last announcement was that they were monitoring the situation during the 270 days that the banks had to devise regulations ... until then, it was business as usual.

If this is so, why did Neteller instantly close Amatrine's husbands account when the casino said this could be a solution.

They still need to be rogued, as they have effectively given Neteller a monopoly on withdrawals, yet do not make this clear till AFTER the player has deposited, played, and made a withdrawal. If Neteller decide not to allow an account, the casinos is saying this entitles it to keep both the winnings and initial deposit, whatever the amount. Casinos have been rogued for confiscating deposits, but to do so for this reason really does beggar belief. The fact that Neteller users have not had trouble is no defence unless they make absolutely certain the player can receive withdrawals to Neteller before ever allowing them to deposit, doing otherwise is setting them up! The website is the only port of call before a player registers and deposits, and clearly offers overnight express as an alternative - up to $999 three times a month.
This attitude has forced the player to blow a RF in the belief that nothing could be done, and now the casino can claim it was all a big mistake but can;t pay as the player gambled all the winnings away. The casino is in a no lose situation, so this is not gambling, it's scamming.

The additional fact of it's contact number being disconnected, yet they are still touting it for use on the website, is cause for concern that they are happy for more players to fall into this little trap (and nice little earner for the casino), until pressure eventually puts an end to this. Are they ignoring E-mails too?

I note they are RTG, another bad sign, RTG will let almost anyone use their software and have no current dispute service and seem in no real hurry to replace the old one.

They will get away with this all the more, thanks to the fact that Americans have so little choice but to play at these lower level joints as the premium end of the market refuses US Players for the most part.
Again, more of the same shenanigans from an RTG site.....What a shock - :rolleyes: NOT!!

A quick FYI for those of you still left in the lurch by RTG...

Their new "authorized distributor" -Hastings International BV- is still very much in the formative stages and remains totally removed from establishing any bona fide dispute process as of this writing. just go to their website - for proof.

This new enterprise was likely established to make it more challenging for individuals to seek damages for transgressions committed prior to
December 1, 2006. (As many of you know, I am four + months into a dispute involving $22,000 withheld by Crystal I and my support team have been invetsigating this outfit quite heavily)

It is clearly evident from my perspective -and many other online gambling veterans- that Realtime Gaming and many of their licensees are now engaging in some big time - and organized - subterfuge with the intent of making it difficult or impossible for impacted players to pursue an established systemic means in which to work with RTG and/or their licensees, toward dispute resolution.

Online players should be very skeptical therfore, that RTG is revamping their operations with the intent of improving customer relations. Far from it.

In fact, it is readily apparent that Realtime Gaming is moving further away from the bounds of legitimacy, and becoming more akin to the many "fly by night" organizations that unfortunately impacted the world of online gaming for many many years.

If you're in the neighborhood come late January, let RTG know what you think of their lack of professionalism at the ICE Show in London. Believe me, there will be many influential folks present as well...

Again, DO NOT BE DUPED by false promises/claims from RTG cronies that they're reconfiguring operations in order to truly help their patrons. Their hasty and totally arrogant exit from Montana Overseas Disputes (leaving many cases unresolved and in permanent limbo) is a prime example of their total lack of player empathy.

You may enjoy their entertaining slot machine programming, wide variety of video poker options, and exciting table games.

Still, draw the proverbial line in the sand, and tell RTG that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH by boycotting the many rogue operators - like Vegas Lucky and Crystal Palace- that hold RTG licenses.

We'll all be better for it in the long run. Thanks.

I emailed a letter to the manager, (if they even have one) becuase I would really like a response to this and see what they have to say.

I wont hold my breath though.

The good news is that you are a US based player. I know that may appear to seem odd (given the recent ban on internet gambling enacted in the states) but RTG is an Atlanta Georgia enterprise, and should be very wary about a growing number of significant player abuse problems. Keep up the fight - and good luck!:thumbsup:


I heard from the manager today. Here is the email:

If I'm taking the time to reply to your email and I am also willing to find a way to make your experience a worthwhile one it is because I want to make sure that you feel and realize this is not a fake casino. We are real and we have been around. Now regarding your comment on our promotion section I beg you to please visit the webpage once again and make sure to hold Ctrl+F5. By doing this you should be able to refresh your cookies and see the latest version of our promo section.

Now since I noticed you did reverse the withdrawal you had pending I decided to give you a $100 courtesy bonus with a small 10X wagering requirements goof for any slots or any video poker. The maximum withdrawal for this bonus is $500.00 This is a special exception I am doing for you for two reasons: First of all you came to Vegas Lucky thru a good friend and business partner of our affiliates family. Second reason is that we would love to see a change in the tread you initiated by letting everyone know that we went the extra mile with your situation and tried to find a middle ground where you would feel satisfied with our services.

About NETeller, it puzzled me a great deal when I read that they closed your husband's account the minute you guys created it. Did they gave you any reasons?
In any case it is very likely that soon (before the year ends) we will have InstaDebit as both a deposit and withdrawal option. Meanwhile we could try to send you a check yet I would preferred to send you a Western Union. You just give me the name to whom I should send it and I will take care of the rest.

I will be looking forward to hearing from Wendy. I am gone for the day yet I will be back tomorrow morning.
Now go ahead and be so kind to reinstall the Casino and check your account amatrine.""

Im glad he replied. I still wish I could have just cashed out. But at least he has made a middle ground, wich is more that other rtgs would do.

What impressed me the most is the fact that they realize the importance of this thread! Many operators make the mistake of not realizing the importance of sites like Casinomeister and how much they actually loose when acting stupidly towards players.

It seems like this casino however wants to pay you and benefit from the marketing opportunity your post has created for them. They definitely have to address their available payment methods though.
I have vegas lucky blacklisted on my forum...:eek:
I am very sorry this happened to you!! :mad:

I suggest you try Rival casinos! All USA players
are welcome,:notworthy ALL bonus is cashable, ALL payouts
are less than 48 hours!! I have had 2 $500+ cashouts
at Rival casinos and been pain in less than 30 hours
each time:thumbsup: All playthrough is low.. 5x-18x

If I were you I would ask vegas Lucky to do a wire
transfer.. maybe your bank will accept a transfer

ALL USA players should move to Rival.. FORGET RTG casinos
(except iNetBet) unless you hate money..

if you hate money keep playing rtg casinos:D LOL
i just started playing intertops and cannot find a check as an option to be payed. i too cannot recieve neteller, clik2pay or anything else electronic, as both my banks will not process anymore. check from inet for me and now i better email intertops to make sure i can get payed. well if i need to. lol.
Vegas Lucky's telephone number is not disconnected. I thought it was too once when I couldn't get through. It does seem that way sometimes. But I found that if you try again, it will go through.

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