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Jul 22, 2004
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I searched through the archives and the question has been asked before but I don't believe answered. Does anyone know who owns Vegas Lucky? It is an RTG casino. They give generous freebies in my account, their customer service is superb and very personal. I had problems with reading the signature on my drivers license and had no current bills, but they accepted my marriage and my vehicle registration renewal for verification. My passport had my maiden name with the ammendment in the back with my married name, so I threw that in for good measure. They called me on the phone as well as emailed me to let me know that the documents were verified and accepted.
Not really to sure. Here is what I found with about 5 mins digging so far. I asked live support the normal ?s. Who owns operates the casino, any sister casinos. At first she said no, But then told me Vegas Magic and Slot Fever Casino. I looked at Vegas Magic website and it refers to Cybergaming.

When you type Cybergaming Ltd in google search this is what you get.
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If you click on the 2 links in red they pull up....GOLDEN PALACE. So Who knows whats going on with this. More fun advertising by GP? Anywho, Slot fever refers to Cybergaming also. Vegas Lucky refers to Baru International. Cant find to much about them in this short time.

So Im sure someone else can continue from here.
Ive played here a couple of times and found nothing wrong with them. Support was great and the odds seemed fair. I didnt cashout I dont think, so I cant say much about withdraw time.

Hope this helps alittle
I appreciate your 'digging' for me, but it is Vegas LUCKY not Vegas MAGIC. I feel badly that you went through all that.

**an addendum since I first started this thread:

I cashed out at Vegas Lucky and 26 hours later it was in my Neteller! I received an email stating that I needed to check my Neteller to be sure it was there...and when I checked it was. Also any withdrawals under $500 don't need faxback..there is a player certification form found on their banking link that only asks a few basic questions. *this only applies if one has deposited via Neteller.

Thanks again, thekid2u.
Vegas Lucky

I like that RTG, and I thought had it figured out who they were because of similarities in emails but I can't remember who it was now. One of those frequent spammers. (Got rid of mine, so it's been awhile since I thought I had that figured out). Anyway, that was absolutely no help (sorry) but I wanted to add that if ThaKid got paid Neteller in 26 hours, that is no way the Vegas Magic/Slotfever group, because it takes them a good 3 days for Neteller withdrawals. My only gripe with them. Otherwise they are one of the best.

I realized that. I thought you were trying to figure out who owned them, and I was just saying I'm sure they aren't owned or part of the Vegas Magic group. :D
Actually this was VEGAS LUCKY. Sorry if I confused anyone, lol. I went to VEGAS LUCKY SUPPORT and got this info. So Vegas Lucky live support does support for Vegas Magic and Slot Fever. This would lead me to believe that they are somehow connected. Maybe not, I could be just looking to much into it.

Ivy just because they dont pay in the same time frame doesnt mean they aren't related. Good example, Wild ON casino, paid in 24 hours. The sisters (cant think of the name) takes 3-5 days. Of course they arent around anymore.

This should clear up any confusion. This is the chat I had with Live support regarding this.....

Please wait for a site operator to respond. Your wait time will be approximately {AvgWaitSeconds} seconds. Thank you for waiting!
You are now chatting with 'Julia'
Julia: Hello! What can I do for you today?
Nathan: Hello Julia, I have a couple of ?s
Nathan: Can you tell me any affiliate Casinos that Lucky may have?
Nathan: Sister casinos
Nathan: And also can you tell me who owns and operates Lucky Vegas?
Julia: Vegas Lucky is part of Real Time Gamming casinos as well as many other casinos on the Net.
Nathan: I know this. Are there any casinos that are owned and operated by the same person that owns Lucky Vegas?
Nathan: There are a few ?s regarding Vegas Lucky on a casino forum that I would like to get cleared up...
Julia: No, Vegas Lucky is a separate casino from the others.
Nathan: I will be copy and pasting your answers so no confusion is made.
Julia: Sure! No problem.
Nathan: Can you tell me the owner or owners of Vegas Lucky, so I can do a WHOIS on him/her/them?
Julia: I'm sorry Nathan, but I don't have that information.
Nathan: What about Baru International Ltd.
Nathan: OK, is the managers email, ?
Julia: Right, that is the manager's email address.
Nathan: Ok, I will go straight to him/her then. Not putting you down, I didnt think you would know the owner and all that good stuff.
Nathan: Are there any other casinos that you do support for?
Nathan: The reason I ask is, When you open live chat it asks what casino.
Julia: Vegas Magic and Slot Fever casino

Here is chat from 2 seconds ago about this....Maybe they just have an independent 3rd party doing live support.....

Please wait for a site operator to respond. Your wait time will be approximately {AvgWaitSeconds} seconds. Thank you for waiting!
You are now chatting with 'Victoria'
Victoria: Thanks for contacting us. What can I do for you?
Victoria: May I confirm the casino you are contacting please?
Nathan: Can you tell me the relationship between Vegas Lucky, Vegas Magic and Slot Fever Casinos?
Victoria: Vegas Magic And Slot Fever are sister casinos..
Victoria: only
Victoria: They all are under real time gaming software
Nathan: Do they share the same Investor? What makes them sister casinos?
Victoria: I do not have that information Nathan
Nathan: Sorry,there is some questions at a casino forum that I use.
Victoria: in sister casinos they share some similarities in promotions
Nathan: From what I have seen, Sister casinos share managers, investors or something like that.
Nathan: Would the manager have the answers to these ?s
Victoria: Once again that is information I do not have
Victoria: Do you have an account at the casino?
Nathan: Please dont take me as being rude.
Nathan: Yes I do have one at Vegas Lucky
Victoria: NO problem
Victoria: Ok then you could contact your casino host about this
Nathan: Who would that be?
Victoria: If you have not had contact then just write to and it will be sent to the correct person
Victoria: they will contact you back
Nathan: ok, thanks alot
Nathan: Have a great day.
Victoria: No problem!
Victoria: you too!
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That's very interesting! Maybe that means Vegas Magic will kick their payouts up a little quicker.


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