Vegas Lucky... Clueless & Incompetent.


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Sep 14, 2001
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I have had a few "rather unpleasant" dealings with this casino recently, and would advise anyone thinking of playing there... NOT TO.


I won $300 from Vegas Lucky from a "free $25" about 3 months ago. I did a withdrawal, and it sat there for 3-4 days until I contacted them.

As expected, they wanted 3 types of ID faxed to them, which I did, and requested confirmation of receipt.

I got the standard "RTG reply" that the "copies weren't "clear enough", and to resend them.

I did this, and never got a response if they were acceptable or not. I had to call and ask. :confused:

I recently tried to contact support on their "24 Hour Live Chat". No response whatsoever, after 3 attempts. I then called their "800 number" that their website says is "24 hour Support"... guess what? No answer...

I tried again the next day... and got "Jonathan" on live chat. I asked for a bonus code for Slots... he gave me one that was acceptable to me, and went to use it...

Guess what? It wasn't accepted... :rolleyes:

Back I go to "Live Chat" (like 2 minutes later)... and I have to wait 18 minutes before "Jonathan" pops up again... He types in "I'll be with you shortly"... I said OK.

5 minutes later... he types the same thing, with a "thank you".

And 5 minutes later... the same thing for the THIRD TIME.

And then again a FORTH TIME... five minutes later.

I typed in I was not happy with this "lack of customer service", and was going to complain to the casino host who is listed on the casino home page.

Which I did... and got a response from "Emma Summers" (the casino host) only after 24 hours had passed, and I wrote her again, letting her know the "lack of any customer service" or a response to my e-mail, was totally unacceptable.

She responded with... "Sorry that your experience with support wasn't a pleasant one, and I have reported this to "Jonathans" manager.... there is nothing else I can do".

Well... that ridiculous reply pissed me off even more.

I wrote her back saying I would not be playing at Lucky Vegas ever again, and to close my account. If you can't even manage to give out a correct code, or have customer service follow up on this within a 24 hour time frame, this sure as hell isn't a casino I want to deposit money with.

I get one final e-mail from "support" the following day... saying perhaps I put in the "wrong code". Not a mention of the TOTAL LACK OF ANY SUPPORT from anyone associated with this dump of a casino.

I uninstalled Vegas Lucky 2 minutes later.


They are "clueless and incompetent"...

Another "unpleasant" experience with an RTG casino... :eek:
To say the least, I'm totally disappointed with you!

You've already known how good RTG Casinos can get and yet you still choose to play and complain at an RTG Casino.

If you seriously need or want to play in an RTG Casino, why not try InetBet Casino? They are one of the RTG Casinos which still have a fairly good reputation over here.

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