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Jun 22, 2003
Are they any good, payouts, customer service, they are an RTG casino. I appreciate your input.
My experience

First time I deposited there, I think I got my cash out in less than two days, but yesterday I made a cashout and asked them how long, and they said their standard was 3 business days from time it's made. So I'm looking at Tuesday for last night's probably.

I understand it (the stalling thing), I understand me. I am NOT reversing it. I just uninstalled it. I probably won't go back, not anytime soon. I just don't like the hold up when I've deposited by Neteller (not INSTAcash, the regular cash way) and want it withdrawn the same way.

I did kick ass and take names on the Caesar's Empire slot, though. Cash out was x7 my deposit.


Just received my cashout in Neteller, less than 24 hours. So, guess I'll be reinstalling after all!

They have good video poker paytables BTW. Plus the CE slot is HOT!
They are my favorite. Their customer service is really great and worked with me in the faxback forms submission due to some problems (I had no current bills for proof of address, license signature was hard to read, passport had maiden name with signature but did have the ammendment in the back with my married name but no signature).

The first time I cashed out, it was in Neteller in 13 hours...second time was less than 24 hours, but this last time it took about 6 days. I had initially withdrew 400; it sat there for two days pending. I got tempted and reversed it, and worked it up to $1200....and I uninstalled the program too...was too tempted.

There's one example when the long wait in the withdrawal was not to the casino's advantage.

They are also really great about giving you comp freebies. I get emails quite often stating that they have put an extra amount of money into my Neteller.

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