Vegas Joker Casino dose any one know anything about them?


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Aug 4, 2001
I just hit a jackpot there at there casino at the tune of 625.00

I looked all over there site to see who they are affiliated with and found no sister casino listed.

Or where there from.
Do any of you have any idea ?
I'm pretty sure they are managed by E-Processing services, the same as Colosseum and Old Samarai.

I just signed up there today to get free $10 no purchase. I'm waiting (impatiently) to get the $$ in my account. This operation lets you cash out as soon as your account balance gets over $50.
There are no wagering requirments, but blackjack is one of the excluded games.

Please note that I have cashed out (from the free $$$,WITHOUT making a deposit, at numerous MGS sites, all with video poker)

The best way to play bonuses like this IS to play video poker, and NOT TO PLAY FULL COIN (although normally I do advocate full coin play.)

Play 25cents at a time. Use the double up option as often as possible. The double up option has no house edge whatsoever. So as not to take too much risk, I'll usually double 3-4 times, and then collect. Then play the next hand and double again 3-4 times.

This way you can slowly but surely grind out a profit until you hit a decent hand like four of a kind or a straight flush (at jacks or better).

Before you know it, you hit the $50 cutoff, and cashout to paypal.
Thanks dave_r for sharing. I wondered how other people played! Incidently, I play BJ the same...only play at $1.00 a hand and up it to 2 maybe 3$. This way I slowly creep ahead until i lose my discipline and try for a 25$! Another 1CNP has surfaces..called GoldenStake..touting put in any amount and get $101.00. I wonder if anyone ever met their cash-out requirements.

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