Vegas Joker and Vegas Country not paying!!


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Oct 30, 2006
1- The 8th of November I've requested a cashout at Vegas Joker for 300,20.
After one week my withdrawal was still in work in progress, I contact the CS asking them why my cashout is still not under processed status.

answer of the casino (15/11):We write in regards to your pending withdrawal in our Casino.

Could you please fax us the following:

- a copy of a utility bill as proof of address

- a copy of a signed ID document

We would also like to inform you that it is surely not our intention to
either delay the payments or cause inconveniences. It is not for lack of
trust in our clients, but out of an administrative necessity that we
need to ask for these documents.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

We hope we have made this procedure clear to you and we assure you we
will do everything we can to send your winnings as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Best Regards,


Vegas Joker Casino

Ok no problem I sent them all the documents they requested but after a few hours I receive this e-mail:

Dear David,

Thank you for your e-mail.

We write to inform you that your cashin is at the moment under
investigation, it will remain on hold until the relevant department will
process it.

Please note that you will be notified in regards of any update.

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to
contact our Support Team at any time.

Kind Regards,


WTF?!? the 20th of November they send me an another e-mail informs me that my account was still under investigation....
What a suprise when I realize that they locked my account without any explanation the 25th....

2- Due to a glitch with Neteller Eprocashier credited my Vegas Country account of 100 the 8th of November.
I've requested immediately a withdrawal of this amount back to my Neteller account.
It was the 8th and still no money received back.
Same types of e-mail received (blah blah account under investigation blah blah)
My account at Vegas Country have been locked the 25th....

So what thehell is going on at these 2 casinos? I've kept all the e-mails send and received from the CS, made a print screen of my cashcheck statement at Vegas Joker.
Sorry for the bad english, I'm french ;o)

RE Vegas Country and Vegas Joker

Dear David

Please private message me your account details and I will look into your case. Once you pass on your details, I should be able to get back to you with some information by tommorrow.

Kind Regards
I'm having the exact same problem at Vegas Country as well as at two other Vegas Affiliate Casinos.

I opened an account at Vegas Country on November 7 and made a deposit of $120. I neither requested nor was credited with a bonus because I didn't want to have to worry about wage requirements or restricted games. I decided to try playing a couple of slot machines and got lucky hitting the bonus round to run my balance up to $480. I decided not to press my luck too far and requested a cashout.

Since I had done so well at that site, I opened accounts at two other Vegas Affiliate casinos and, like at Vegas Country, I neither requested nor was credited with a deposit bonus. Once again I played slot machines and was lucky enough to hit moderate sized wins at both, running my balance from $120 to $270 at Grand Hotel and from $120 to $260 at Colosseum. I requested cashouts at both sites.

On Friday, November 17, I checked my Neteller account and realized that none of the withdrawals had been processed. I called the Customer Service at Vegas Country and was told that my accounts were "under investigation" and that they could not give me any further information at that time. I was also told that I would be contacted the following Monday, but I still have not been contacted. I have tried to get further information by by email on more than one occasion since that time but no such information has been provided.

I was just now getting ready to try calling their customer service again and decided to open my accounts to see if their was any update on the status of my withdrawals before calling. All three have been locked with no explanation as to why they were locked or why my funds have not been credited to my Neteller account.
After reading these last 2 post, I figured I might as well add my problems to the list. Not to highjack the thread, but to help bring attention to what might be a problem.

I too have a problem with the Vegas Affiliates group. On November 8th I made a cashout at Old Samurai. Nothing huge. I originally had deposited $100, also I dont remember doing the bonus here as I hate being tied to a specific wager requirement. I played some blackjack and slots. Its been weeks so I cant remember but I think I even played some bacarrat. Anyhow I ended up winning some. I then cashed out a total of $275, like I said nothing huge but a profit none the less. Anyhow the cashout was on the 8th of Nov.

After a little over a week I emailed them to inquire about my withdrawal and was told it was being processed. Few days later I checked again and nothing had changed so I email them again. They tell me its under investigation but will not tell me what for. I check back again in a few days and they ask for verification documents, which I send in. Just before Thanksgiving I check with them again and they tell me there has been no change and that if there is a change they will let me know.

After reading these 2 post in this thread I check my account and its locked, I cant even log in. Whats up with that? Not only will they not process my cashout, but now they lock me out of my account and apparently are keeping my deposit plus the small winnings I had. Plus they wont tell me why. I did nothing wrong, but play their games. Well maybe I did, I made a deposit into their casino, wrong on my part?

I did cashout the same day I deposited, maybe they dont like that. But speed of cashouts is a huge determining factor on if I return and play at a casino. 3 weeks for a cashout and then not only getting locked out of my account but most of all not receiving my cashout is a little on the rediculus side.

I have 2 other accounts in this group that I havent even attempted a cashout at yet. My money has been sitting in them for a couple weeks. Im afraid to attempt a cashout for fear of them keeping that money also.

Is this Normal for this group?
I got my account locked at Grand Hotel Casino too, after requesting a withdrawal, without any apparent reason... e-mailed customer support, but still no reply from them...

Could it be that Vegas Affiliates are ceasing operations without any previous announcement? I am getting kinda worried about my money....

No pun intended, but it makes me wonder why all the complaint makers have a low number of posts 1-20 on the board.

No pun intended, but it makes me wonder why all the complaint makers have a low number of posts 1-20 on the board.


None taken. Ive lurked here for close to a year. Even had an account and posted a few times. But it has been awhile and I couldnt find my account information. So I just made a new account that was consistant with other message board accounts. That way I wont forget my info anymore. Im old, things come and go quickly :D

By the way, is there a post requirment before you can make a complaint against a casino that doesn't want to pay? I mean, that kinda goes in the same thinking as "well you haven't not been paid by enough casino's to make a complaint" doesn't it?
No pun intended, but it makes me wonder why all the complaint makers have a low number of posts 1-20 on the board.


I've been gambling and playing poker online for close to five years, during which time I've made hundreds of posts at 2+2 and B2B Heaven's forums (forii?). I haven't had to post about casino complaints here because in five years I haven't had much reason to complain. I understand that some casinos are more reputable than others and I understand that some casinos pay a little slower than others. But in five years I've never had a casino shut down my account and refuse to pay me my funds.
This lot again.

This lot have had many complaints of late. They had a major fraud investigation a while back, but I simply cannot see the logic in locking accounts of players who have not claimed a bonus. One argument for not claiming bonuses is that it makes certain there will be no trouble with meeting bonus terms, or tripping up on exclusions. These complaints are from players who did not claim bonuses, played on slots, and cashed out as soon as they were ahead, even if this was quickly after depositing.

The casino then holds the cashin, uses a delaying tactic (does nothing until the player asks, and then claims to be waiting for documents [did they actually ASK for these, or just wait a week till the player complained]).
I see that two complainants joined and complained this month, but one joined earlier. While this may indicate possible fraud, it is up to the casino to prove it, and justify their position.
I have already uninstalled all three of the accounts I had due to this continuing barrage of issues that appear to take forever to come to a conclusion. If they are running a big fraud investigation, I don't want to end up getting snagged up in it.
Well as I said in my post above, I dont remember taking a bonus here. Most of the microgaming casino's I have done, I left off the bonus. And if you had to actually claim the bonus, then I def left it off. Its been 3 weeks since I did my casino so I cant actually say 100% for sure that I didnt do a bonus. Not without being able to look at my account. But my spreadsheet doesnt show that I did the bonus.

As far as signing up today, I explained that also. I had an account, but mostly just lurk to check out casino's before I sign up at them. I also use CM's links for signing up as well as other sites. But my original account must have been associated with a yahoo address I no longer use, probably because of spam. So I wasnt able to find my information. I tried a couple different log ins that I thought might be it, but none of them worked. So the simplest solution was to just make a new account with my current email address. In doing this I also made sure the account was consistant with other accounts I have on other boards. This way it will make it easier to remember.

I think them using investigation and fraudulant activity or whatever phrase they used is just their way of justifying locking the accounts. They never even emailed me about my account being locked. And only answered a couple of my emails. Not good business, in fact its rather shady business. It leaves me in a situation where, I have 2 other casino's in this group that I have not cashed out at and now am afraid to attempt a cashout because of this.
Well I cant figure out how to edit a post, so I'll do it here. I was looking through my emails and sent emails. It wasnt Old Samurai that asked me for documents, my mistake there. They just said my account was under investigation and if anything changed they would let me know. I replied and asked if there was anything I could do to help resolve the situation, and they basically just said the same thing. Then when I checked my account on Monday was when I found it was locked.
to Redkaos. For some reason this account shows that you have 5 posts, but im sure your right because otherwise you wouldn't have 35 rep points. And to others: like i previously said no pun intended ;)..

Ok. Maybe these folks really have problems because they have risen the playtrough requirements to 20xd+b and basically slots are only that are allowed on their signup bonuses. And usually those "audits", dont mean anything good for the players. Actually i dont remember an MG casino group doing audits that were not having cashflow problems.
Maybe they should audit the money going in too, besides the money going out........

Vegas Joker CS have sent me an hilarious e-mail yesterday.

Dear David,

Thank you for your recent communication.

Please note that following the investigation, all your purchases have
been refunded.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please feel free to contact our Help Desk should you require
further assistance.

Best Regards,


Vegas Joker Casino

I've never received anything from them since the 8th and my account remains locked. Great CS :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Yep. Seems like this group of MG casinos is going downhill very fast. I dont think you would be too happy if your deposit was refunded...

Apologies from Vegas VIP Lounge Rep

Dear All,

I would like to apologise for my delays in getting back to all the persons who have contributed to and been affected by the issues raised in this thread.

I am still awaiting information from the casino group regarding the complaints detailed above. I hope to bring you some information very soon. Again, I thank you all for your patience and understanding.
This has now escalated from a problem to outright fraudulent behavior on the part of the casino. As detailed above in my earlier post, I had withdrawals pending at three Vegas Affiliate casinos totalling $1010, consisting of $360 in deposits plus $650 in profits that were won at slot machines.

After three weeks of having my complaints and emails completely ignored and being given no explanation as to why my funds were being withheld, I have just learned that my initial $360 in deposits has been refunded to my Neteller account and the $650 in profits have been withheld.

This is completely unacceptable!!! Vegas Affiliates has essentially decided to withhold all of the winnings I made at their casinos without providing any explanation as to why they feel they are entitled to withhold those funds. I've been playing online at various poker sites and casinos for more nearly five years and while I've had to deal with sites that have changed their T&C or that have been VERRRRYYYY slow in paying, I've never had a casino refuse to pay me the funds I was owed.
Same thing just happened to me. Old Samurai I guess gave me back my $100 deposit and kept the $175 winnings I made. I have 2 other accounts with this group and have a total of $924 combined, $220 of that is deposit. I havent tried to cashout at those yet. But I would venture to guess they will probably do the same and just return my deposit and keep the $704 I made. Im pretty sure I never took the bonuses at any of these casinos in the Vegas Affiliate group, just played some slots, blackjack and bacarrat.
I've been waiting on a withdrawal from Coliseum Casino since November 8th. I logged on several days ago to see what was taking so long and I got a message that my account was locked. This is the first casino in the vegas affiliate casino group that I have ever played at and like another poster, I did not recieve a sign-up bonus. I've emailed them but they have not replied to my request for an explination. They only owe me $377 so I'm not sure why they would have a problem paying me! As for locking my account, I have no clue why they would do this! It seems like they could at least send me an email explaining what they are doing. Perhaps, they are having financial issues?

Lately, I've been a little down about all the casinos that have turned their back on their US customers. I felt lucky that I could still play at microgaming (thankfully I'm not in one of the 11 banned states). It really sucks that I can't get paid for some casual casino play and that a group that still allows some US play can't be trusted with my money.
Thanks for your posts guys. This thread made me look at my account at Old Samurai Casino as someone had problems there concerning a cash out. :eek: It seems that my account has also been locked, and I have never received my cash out! I thought I could just cash out & forget as the WD was just under 200 euros.

A note to everyone: check your accounts if you have played and cashed out recently. My original cash out was requested on 12th November. On November 15th I sent them an e-mail and asked why I havent received my cash out. TI guess I forgot to come up with the issue as they never even cared to reply me. I am not very impressed with their service so far, and suggest to proceed with caution with these guys until the current issues are resolved.
Earlier today I have received 2 paiements from E-Processing (200 & 100) without any e-mail sent by the casinos incriminated.

It's TOTALLY INACCEPTABLE and it's too easy to refuse winnings and refund players. (See Ghaal topic about his 2K win at Thunderstruck)

Avoid these casinos at all costs!!!

I don't give up.

To be continued
Im seriously thinking about posting on every message board I am a member of, warning everyone about this casino groups tatics. Im also starting to wonder if Microgaming approves of these casino's using their software and treating customers this way. :mad:
Me too...

Sadly I need to add my name to the list of people who have been apparently stiffed by the Vegas Affiliates group of Casinos.

I too have been waiting for some time for some withdrawals, includign one of 563.80 from Vegas Joker on 01NOV and 464 from Vegas Country on 04NOV. There are other smaller amounts owing from other casino's in the group.

When the payment had not appeared in my Neteller account after a few days, I took a look around and found that it was quite common for these Casino's to take up to ten days to pay out.

When they still had not appeared by 10NOV I chased them up and received a response saying they could not pay me without Identification (nice of them to ask upfront I thought, wonder how long they would have waited if I had not have chased).

I duly sent in a Bank Statement, Utility Bill, Driving Licence and the front/back of my Credit Card and was very pleased to get a e-mail a few days later saying "CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU PAYOUT WILL NOW BE PROCESSED", confirming my details were okay.

I then waited for the funds to turn up in my account .... but they didn't. On checking in the casino Cashier it still said "in progress" so I e-mailed to find out what was going on.

I received an e-mail in response saying

""we have duly assigned your case to the relevant department, where your query is currently being dealt with accordingly. We will email you as soon as we have any updates regarding your query."

I wrote back to ask what this meant, got no response, so I phoned up and was told that the payments department were looking at it but they could nto tell me the reason for the delay.

It was now 20 NOV - three weeks after my original request for a withdrawal, and so I started e-mailing and phoning daily. I got no responses to the e-mails and al the customer services guys would say was that they could not tell me anything and "no, they could not put me through to anybody who could"

Out of the blue I then received another e-mail saying ...

"unfortunately, your account still under investigation by the accounts department"

This was news to me. Why am I under investigation? I phoned up and was told they were not allowed to tell me why, only that I was :mad:

I checked through all the terms and conditions and I have not broken any of them. I had not claimed the bonus as the WR was too heavy for my iregular gaming and in fact the only thing I had done was to win - this seemed to be what they had objected to.

A week ago, while performing my daily log on to see what the status is I found that all my accounts have been locked.

I e-mailed to find out why and have not received any response.

Yesterday I found that the casinons involved have paid 100 each back to my Neteller account .... effectively a return of my deposits, with no sign of the winnings.

I have not received any explanation for this and my e-mails have gone unanswered.

I have e-mailed the Vegas VIP representative on this forum, but other than a bried response to my first mail, asking me for my account details, I have heard nothing back.

I realise that this is my first post on Casinomeister but I guess this is one of the problems with the nature of this forum - you often don't post until you have an issue.

I noticed this thread a few days ago and recognised the similarities with my own position. However, it looks like not a lor is happening so I have decided to add my name to the list of people who are owed money by these casinos.

I donlt know what is going on but I do beleive that we all deserve an explanation as to what is going on and why they are witholding our winnings.
I suggest that any one who is posting their complaint here submit a PAB and I'll try to get to the bottom of this.

Please note, if you have committed fraud - they won't tell you how they busted you out. They might tell me, but they won't tell you.

This sounds similar to the Bellerock ordeal a few months ago. There were a couple of fraud rings getting locked out, but a couple of innocent bystanders got in the way. I hope the persons posting here are those type of "bystanders". If you are committing fraud and posting in this forum you'll be in deep shinola.

So please PAB - thanks!
I suggest that any one who is posting their complaint here submit a PAB and I'll try to get to the bottom of this.

Please note, if you have committed fraud - they won't tell you how they busted you out. They might tell me, but they won't tell you.

This sounds similar to the Bellerock ordeal a few months ago. There were a couple of fraud rings getting locked out, but a couple of innocent bystanders got in the way. I hope the persons posting here are those type of "bystanders". If you are committing fraud and posting in this forum you'll be in deep shinola.

So please PAB - thanks!

For 500 euro's its not worth it for me to Pitch a Bitch. That's three times what Old Samurai owes me. I'm good with just the complaint in the message board for everyone to see who may be thinking about playing at the Vegas Affiliates group. As well as all the other message boards I will be posting at if my winnings are not paid out. Also why is it so easy for a casino to just use the word fraud to steal your money. How is fraud even committed. You go to the casino and play their games the way they are set up. Don't all casino's have the house advantage in their favor on every game. Some games just have a higher house advantage than others, so you would expect to win more on the higher HA games, wouldnt you? So what if some people get lucky and win some money, it's going to happen. The casino just pouts because a few people won some money so they say fraud was suspected, so we're keeping your money. Do they do this same stuff on people who win big money? Apparently so, because there is another thread in this same forum about a player who won a couple thousand on a slot and his winnings were kept. Yes, the same Vegas Affiliate group.

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