Vegas Frontier never paid me my $7,000


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Guys, the rest of the $7,000, they never paid me. For couple weeks
I have been talking to Alex who works at management and they told me
all this members never deposited real money. The only question I had for
Alex was,


here's my stats folks:

Alex told me this now!!! Saying that the players never deposited when all this time, he told me "YES" all of them deposited.

Guys, remember the time when Vegas Frontier was
giving everyone $20 coupon to try out their games? well, he told
me the stats were recording the free money.


If there is anyone out there who have them, can you guys
please post and let me know if your situation is the same?
they told me, it happen to all there affiliates. Well, there is
only one way to find out. If everyone who market Vegas Frontier
and had their stats showing up like mine, please post below.

I really can't believe this guys! :eek:

*I am getting paid CPA*
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What I don't understand.

I have so many things that I don't understand about this group.

First, why would the stats show with the coupon promo that they
were running?

Second, why didn't they tell me this couple month ago?

third, is there any way casinomeister can help me out with
this situation?​

p.s: What's also strange is that from the month of July, my stats were going up and up each day and from the time I requested my payments, my stats were showing nothing for the this month of august. :(

Guys, if what they told me was the truth and the stats
were recording the free $20. It really do not match with the
total amount of deposits my members made.

Total deposit: $1,760

ok, let's do the math:

If it was the free $20 that the 36 members redeemed

36 times $20 = $720

Now, I'm no math scientiest but, where did the $1,000
come from? :mad:
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Hi Scandle5

Welcome to the forum. Please try not to write with "align center". It looks like you're writing a poem.

I'll send and email to the operator to see what's up, but I'm getting ready to head out of town for a couple of weeks. I would recommend contacting Montana disputes on this as well.


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Thanks casinomeister

Thanks casinomeister & yes, I have already

filled out the form from montana overseas.

Cheers, hope I get my payments. :)



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LOL. You're an affiliate, promoting **cough** casinos run by an imfamously **cough** operater going by the name of XXXXXX XXXXX (along with various others), and you come looking for sympathy / justice??

You got exactly what you were owed for sending players to this den of **cough** - a complete shafting.

Go promote some more **cough** casinos, hopefully you'll get shafted some more.


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I too find it very difficult to feel sorry for affiliates, especially those who promote these kind of casinos. If you're not getting paid, spare a thought for all the members you persuaded to sign up who also won't be getting paid


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Hi Scandle...I'm sorry to say that I agree with the above posters. I know that you are relatively new to this game, but you seriously have to do some research into which casinos to promote. Just because an affiliate program seems like a good deal to you (especially the CPA), and an opportunity to make some quick cash, it does not mean the casino is reputable. People who come to your site and download from your link do so in good faith, trusting your judgement that the banners they see there represent good casinos. It's your RESPONSIBILITY as a webmaster to think of your players as well as yourself. Just my two cents.


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1 thing i learned in my life
never calculate with money before u have it in your pocket...
still wondering
why u did not listen to so many other who warned u already bout them
hmm Scandle?
i feel sorry u have that issue
never nice if this happens.


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Yups not a good casino

well i too never expected that you would really get paid..
hell they dont pay there players..
i was shocked when they paid the first 600.oo or so..

The thing is also this.. Scandle.. and I am in no way taking this rogue casinos side.. believe me..
but who is to say.. that if the coupons were added in that.. it was just one coupon per person.. .. On your site.. for just one of thier promos.. you had up to 4 or 5 codes listed for the same.. promo..... that could be up to 80 or 100.oo promos for each person.. And i dont ever remember seeing a post by you or your Mods.. saying.. only one is allowed.. etc..

Just my 2 cents.
I am sorry that this happened.. but im not at all surprised..


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Yes, I agree with you guys

Yes, I agree with you guys but Vegas Frontier, I really
did not see 2 much of the negative posts. Well, I hope
some newbies will read and learn from my mistake.

Cheers :)

The worst thing that will happen, will be that casinomeister will get some reply from Vegas Frontier and he will know if he need to X-List them.​
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Thanks Sorrell, you and Swampy are two of the best when it comes to responsible webmasters. More should be like you guys.

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Hurts being jibbed by affiliates like that. I know a few that have done me wrong. Nothing compares to a webmaster I know that got burnt over $125,000. Was back in the dot com boom days and he's still cranky over it.


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casinomeister said:
Hi Scandle5

Welcome to the forum. Please try not to write with "align center". It looks like you're writing a poem.

I'll send and email to the operator to see what's up, but I'm getting ready to head out of town for a couple of weeks. I would recommend contacting Montana disputes on this as well.
I think the align center is easier to read though.