Vegas From Home refuses to refund my deposit!


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Dec 11, 2001
Hi everyone. This is my first time here and I have to say that I'm almost glad I'm being ripped off because it led me to find this great site. :)

Anyway, I deposited $200 via PayPal at Vegas From Home, played the required amount, got a $100 bonus, and again played the required amount and attempted to cash out with $227.50. To make a long story short, my account was locked because I am suddenly a "credit risk" because of information provided by "Tropical Bet Casino". Back in April, Tropical Bet double billed my credit card (2 charges of $400 each) and I disputed one of the charges. So, customer service at Vegas From Home Casino says they are just going to keep my $200!

What is the deal with this? Any help is appreciated. I have already put in a complaint with PayPal and Gambling Commission and the venerable CasinoMeister himself.

These are both Unified Gaming powered casinos and they certainly seem to be working at getting one of the worst reputations in the industry.

I'm sure Casinomeister will get you paid but there are other routes if he doesn't - post the result here and we'll pass them on.

And if you stay with this board you will get far better knowledge and therefore warnings and recommendations before gambling online again.
Hi Netkat,

Thanks for the kudos! What is your user name at the casino? I'll see what I can do, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you waiting to get paid. As jetset implied, Unified Gaming sites are pathetically unprofessional when it comes to dealing with their customers. I am about to make this the official anti-UG site on the web. I've had some dealings with tropical bet casino before and their staff is arrogant and just plain snippy.

I didn't even remember the incident with Tropical Bet until the guy mentioned it. Then I looked up my records and saw it. Had I known that Vegas from Home had anything to do with Tropical Bet, I never would have played there. Live and learn.

At least I know about this Site now. :)

I sent my user name to you via email. Thanks for anything that you can do.

And thank you too jetset. I'm definitely going to hang around.

Dear All,

Over the last couple of days, UG (the company)and I have opened up communication with one another. Unified Gaming has made it clear to me that they are responsive to customer grievances. Even though there is a relationship between the company UG and its licensees, it is the licensees responsibility to solve their customer's complaints.

UG also made clear to me why they had not responded to me in the past and this has also been cleared up. I feel this line of communication will be beneficial to all.

Does Unified Gaming condone it's licensees
spamming people with "porno" e-mails???

Are they aware of the "class act" manager
at Bring me luck?? I would hope you mentioned
the "professional" manner that Bring me luck
chose to use in their "dealings" with you.

Please inform us what "startling revelations"
U.G. chose to share with you. :rolleyes:
Hey Mrracetrack,

There was some miscommunication during the "bringmeluck" escapade, so they were not aware of it when it happened. But they are aware of it now.

I can't speak for them concerning the level of their relationship with the manangement of But we all know what happened with bringmeluck. Anyone is free to comment here.

Startling revelations? I am working on a couple of complaints and I thought nothing was being done on their part, but they demonstrated that there is some action taking place that I was unaware of, which is good.

Bryan -

UG has not in the past responded to ANYONE - so naturally we would all be interested in the excuse they gave you.

There are a number of licensees which need to be brought into line before we can assume that UG has sincere intentions.
I just couldn't resist posting this exchange between MRracetrack and myself at the other place. Thought some of you Casinomeister fans might enjoy it.

I don't feel like all Unified's are bad, BUT THIS place stinks. Their customer service sucks, the games play weird, their bonus terms are misleading and on different pages.{Last time I checked} They just BLOW! Pure and simple! If I hated someone, I wouldn't send them to this dump!
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Member posted 11-27-2001 09:23 PM

But can you tell us how you REALLY feel
about this casino??? And don't mince words!!

Member posted 11-28-2001 12:51 AM
Well Ok! My 4th grade teacher was a nasty human being and even she had more mannors than these jerks. You question them about the terms and they really turn the charm on! All they need is approval from SafeBet to polish off their platinum freaking attitudes. Then you try to cash out and that really pisses em off, so they they make you wait.
They have an "IDEA BONUS" LMAO!

Here's one, Take your casino and all your well trained smart aleck CSRs and upload yourselves to another flippin planet!

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