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May 13, 2020
North Wales
Signed up to Vegas Baby on 26/05, deposited in total £50.00. First thoughts... not a bad site. Managed to break even plus a little more after one hour play and withdrew £60.00. Contacted support to find out timescales and I was advised withdrawals are reviewed over a 72hours period. At this stage I asked if they require anything from my side, with a response from them of “No, not at this stage”.

27/05 AM, email received about Verification..... Driving licence, Proof of address, proof of transaction of deposit in the way of images, picture holding driving licence in the form of a selfie.

I responded within 30mins of receiving this email but cannot get any answers as to why this was not done BEFORE I deposited as this option was not available. I have been advised that this verification process is withholding my withdrawal up which is ludicrous, as this goes against the guidelines set out by the UKGC.

Has anybody experienced a similar scenario with this outfit and what was their end result and timescale of a resolution?

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