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Dec 25, 2007
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Hey all,
New to the forum! :)

Was just wondering if anyone had noticed anything kindof strange about VCCasino's Blackjack tables? I signed up to take advantage of the 200 bonus offer, and found that playing 3 handed (2 bets), I went through my initial deposit incredibly quickly. I re-deposited 60 and after winning maybe ten hands in a row, the slippery slope cropped up again and I was on my way down.

I was using standard Blackjack strategy and the dealer seemed to always manage to be drawing from either 10 or 11. His upcard is a 6 against my 20, his downcard is a 5...then the obvious 10 to beat my hand. His upcard is a 5 against my 20, he draws a 6 and then...yup...a ten. Whether the dealer is showing a 9 or a 2, he still manages to be drawing from either 10 or 11 with alarming regularity. On the occassions that he doesn't hit his hand with the first draw, he runs on and makes the hand in any way that he can.

One example which came up - it may be late here in the UK, but I remember it went a little something like this...

I get dealt A,A, so I split, hitting a nine and an eight, giving me 20 and 19. Dealer is showing a 4. He flips a second 4 to give him 8, then draws four consecutive 2's to give 16, followed guessed it...a 5!

At one stage, the dealer won 17 straight hands against me, with the run only being ended by a Blackjack push.

Having played Blackjack at a LOT of online casinos, I've never experienced anything like this. I'm not what you'd call a high roller or big winner and I understand about variance, but this just seems a little bit fishy to me. Anyone else notice this? Or am I just ridiculously unlucky tonight? :)

(And Merry Christmas to all!) :)
(And Merry Christmas to all!) :)

And to you.

I dont play BJ much online but my unlucky shot was at VC. The variance could easily explain it away but I consider all online house games rigged, some more than others. That statement is not up for argument, its just an opinion with no evidence other than personal experience.
While I understand your concern, Chrtwell is called "Cheatwell" for a reason:thumbsup:

I have had crazy bad luck too, but just for the case, I recall having 17 winning hands "ONCE" on a chartwell casino, cant remember which one, so while it definately sounds crazy, it happens both ways. Also you would have to put down all played hands, as you could have played them incorrectly to be able to say "it is unfair", so they would need to be analyzed.

After every loss the feeling is the same, that it is rigged, but we continue playing because at the end it seems fair. Just when it all comes it once, it doesnt help towards the seasons spirit!
I think this is what you mean:
Though I won that hand, it's a good example. I had no luck at Chartwells, Overall I'm down -2000USD, while my ExpectedValue should have been around +2000USD.
I switched to VideoPoker there, because I found the single deck BJ game a bit strange. In 2004 I played a monthly bonus (250EUR wager = ~220 hands flatbetting 1EUR BJ hands) without seeing the dealer having a 4 as an upcard. Very very unlikely, but still, not astronomical. I have no statistical evidence, but the dealer was also extremely lucky when drawing to 15 and 16. Additionally when drawing to 2-6, the dealer received more frequently small cards then big ones. I can hardly remember the dealer busting with 2-12-22 or 3-13-23 which is quite frequent in a single deck game. On the other hand I received somewhat less 12-14s than expected, and my bust rate on 12-16 was also somewhat lower than expected.
The VideoPoker games were also killing me, despite of the fact that I got a royal flush single-handed, I experienced rough streaks on 4-hand JoB.
I also experienced one strange thing, which seems to favour the player, but it's not verified yet.
I suspect that the sw is intentionally slow, it's very hard to avoid tilting, and it's extremely streaky. I personally don't trust in that sw, but others have fair results, and gained around or above expectations in Chartwell casinos.

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