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Jul 24, 2006
huge sportsbook, with foundation in landbased, gotta be reputable right?

some people are saying chartwell's sw is rigged and/or "just not right".

also is there a stipulated amount to deposit for the sign up bonus? it says playing 500 gbp in wagers earns a 50 gbp, 2000 for 100, 5000 for 250. assuming i hope to get the full 250 and don't wuss out, i should deposit a full 250 to make sure i don't unnecessarily bust.

but must i to be able to get the 250 bonus at the end? i feel like maybe depositing 100 gbp and playing until the 2k wr for the 100 bonus is met, then upping the bet and hoping to make a big win and hopefully making it to the 5k for the full 250. or is that the dumbest idea ever?

anyone ever get shafted by vc? since the bonus comes post-wagering, anyone ever been denied it for whatever reason? they do take neteller, right? any advice which bj (if there are many to choose from) is best to play? is the software indeed shady? will playing 5000 hands at 1gbp going to drive me nuts? i certainly don't want to bet 5gbp and risk busting with a juicy ~500 bucks sitting at the end of the road...

bottom line, are they decent and should i deposit the full 250gbp to wager with?
too late to edit but i found in the t&c:

16. All bonus monies must be used to play at VC Casino

yet cbp maintains the bonus is fully cashable once given...?

or does this just mean you can't transfer it to sportsbook or poker to play there? i think this is the intention.

sometimes just seeing your thoughts in writing helps to find an answer.

anyone care to give anecdotes on vc?
thanks, cheers, good day to you sir

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