Valentine's Day


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Jan 23, 2006
For those of you who will be spending Valentine's Day romantically with the slots, let us know whether it will be an extra generous occasion for you. I had goofed and thought Valentine's Day was yesterday :eek: (obviously i'm not celebrating it in any way). I had hoped that Thor (or bunches of rams)would be my Valentine but it was no good at all. But actually my real chance is today. Thor, pleeeease . . .
Don't know about the slots, but 3000 on the blackjack tables so somebody loves me.
That's a helluva valentine's day present, Caruso. Congrats. Seems that few of us got any more luck yesterday. I spent many hours cajoling Thor last night but at the end he took back what repeated 3 rams gave me earlier.
I played Secret Admirer and after many, many spins finally got the 2 diamonds. Made it most of the way to the end (4 diamonds), which in itself was amazing on this slot, and got about $50 off a 45 cent spin.
At least I got triple loyalty points :rolleyes:

Otherwise, Valentine's Day at the casinos was absolutely lousy for me.
I was out of town on business on Valentines. My computer was giving me fits and would not run my downloaded casinos, so I tried the Flash casino at Grand Hotel for the first time ever. I started with about $50. I went on Thunderstruck (playing .90) and on the third spin got the bonus round for $80.Then went to Ladies night, second spin got the wilds and the ladies for $250 off a 1.35 bet. Went to Tomb raider and got the bonus round for $100 in the first few spins. I felt untouchable!!! Up to $400 in 5 minutes! Then I upped my bet and it all fell apart. LOL I cashed out $200 and had a blast. Better than sitting having dinner with some dweeb pretending to be interested in what they had to say. Hope everyone had a Happy day whatever you did.

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