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I was wondering if anybody had any experience with this casino. It is blacklisted at one site, but not here.
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Tim Ryan


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Did anyone end up trying this casino? In another thread I saw they had a ridiculous tens or better video poker payout. Assuming they pay the full jackpot on $5/coins than the machine would be over 108% payout. If you bet four coins to take the jackpot out of play then you'd still have a 3.4% edge. I searched and this was one of the few posts that mentioned this casino. I imagine it has to be rigged, but it's not blacklisted here so MAYBE it's fair. I certainly don't want to put any money into it yet though.


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Hi guys.

I played with them a few months ago. You ll surelly find controversial posts about this casino. I liked them. I deposited and withdrew fast and without problem. I do not know what it will happen if someone wins big but at least i recommend to try them with a small deposit yourself to form an opinion.