V&J Dormant Account Fees?


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Nov 18, 2004
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If no transaction has been recorded on User’s account for twelve months the Member Account shall be deemed to be inactive. In such a case, after sending appropriate notification to the player on the 11th month, Vera&John will deduct Euro 5.00 per month administrative fee from the User’s account. If, after Vera&John have begun charging User’s account with the Administrative Fee, and before User’s account becomes dormant, User starts playing on Users account, Vera&John will refund to Users account the administrative fees charged. In order to obtain a refund of administrative fees the User is expected to play and wager funds on the account and not solely by logging in. In such a case the User is requested to contact customer support. In the case where the user account is inactive for 30 months, therefore a log on has not been performed within the last 30 months, Vera&John shall close User’s account.

This may have been addressed before but I have not found anything on a search, has anyone been held to this rule? This seems a bit shady to me.


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Dec 1, 2012
I think you will find that if a player gets a message like this that account will remain dormant because of the charge.Had it happen to me at 188bet,got an email saying that because the account had not been used for a while a charge had been added if i wanted to reactivate it.£10 it was.I have also heard it happens at a few places including ladbrokes


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Apr 18, 2009
I believe they have it just to stop people from leaving money in their accounts. An administration thing.
Never heard any casino that have taken the fee if there haven't beeen any money in the account. It's more of a threat and a reason to remind people to come back. At least that's how it is at Ladbrokes.

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