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Hi all, would just like to ask if anyone has had an online copy of their bank statement rejected by the casino for address verification purposes. The casino I'm currently playing at has requested a utility bill as proof of address and I sent a pdf copy which I obtained from my online bank account that has been set up to receive statements online only.

They then fired back another email asking to send in a photographed copy of a mailed statement which I though was unusual as many other casinos have accepted my past online statements without hesitation ( Note: I do not have any other utility bill as they are not in my name). So now I have to either go in branch and request a statement for a fee or change my bank account to receive statements via mail which are sent monthly and then take a photographed picture. I'm not sure why an online statement would be rejected considering that I have also sent my drivers license which in Australia is a valid form of proof of address.

Just hoping these are not delay tactics because my balance is reaching a point of a substantial withdrawal, my first of a few in a very long time. In any case I will be doing as they ask, would just like for any members to share any much appreciated input.


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I keep one on my harddrive...maybe 2 of 20 declined it; for those i sent a statement of my Skrill/CC deposit


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Do you receive any other sort of paper statement through the mail in your name? Doctor? Dentist? Bank? CC? That sort of thing? If so, contact the casino (and/or the rep here if there is one) and ask if one of those would do. Before sending copies to casino, please black out account #, balance, that sort of thing that's none of their business.


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My bank no longer issues any bank statements in mail. They are only available online.
Also it seems like we are gradually going in the direction here that people are starting to request their utility bills online.
I predict that some years from now, there is no utility bills on paper to show to casinos.


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I would just convert the PDF file to a jpeg as this is what i do with all my non paper bills. You can find some free programs to do this and even some online e.g
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I always use a .pdf since I receive literally NO bill at home.

Heat/electricity are included in the rent and phone/bank/credit card/internet bills are online only so I receive nothing. Getting bills in regular mail are pretty much a thing of the past here.

I never had any problem but I did read a few times in T&C's that "online bills" aren't accepted.


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It happened once and I used a scanned letter from the Tax Authorities. That should do the trick...


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I also receive NONE of my bills by paper so always get a bit stumped when asked for a paper statement for proof of anything! However, as it stands, I've not had any problems with any casino when I have provided a PDF or screenshot of my bank statement or other bill, they've always been acceptable straight off the bat.


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if they give you a headache because it's an image, and theyre worried its not a scan of 'real' paperwork, put the image/window on your desktop, screenshot it side by side with the casino client to show it's an image, not a photoshop


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If your bank provides a pdf image of the paper statement it would send out, you could print it out then scan it, and the casino will be none the wiser. :)


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If your bank provides a pdf image of the paper statement it would send out, you could print it out then scan it, and the casino will be none the wiser. :)
This is true. What you get in the PDF is EXACTLY what they would send in the mail, and like you, the bank would use a printer to print it on bog standard A4 before sending it out.

Sending the PDF directly saves effort on both sides, and printing off a PDF adds nothing to the validity of the statement other than to prove that you know how to use a printer. Screenshots differ in that they are presentations in the browser, not actual documents.

Casinos need to get with the 21st Century as paper statements are being phased out everywhere, in part spurred on by the environmental lobby who see paper statements as hacked down forests, an unnecessary death of vegetation for those who simply throw them away when they receive them. If you want a paper copy, your bank or utility provider will tell you to print one off from the PDF. Many companies now "fine" customers who stick to receiving paper bills. A charge is added as a deterrent, more than the actual cost of preparing and mailing the bill. This charge is also being jacked up much faster in percentage terms than the cost of the product being consumed. They are probably getting many PDF statements printed off at home and scanned being sent to them, and will be "none the wiser" because there is no way to tell without having the actual paper print to look at and feel.