WARNING USoft casinos won't discuss player complaints


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Jan 20, 2004
We've recently handled a complaint where a player had won £50k only to have it denied by the casino for generic reasons:
You are suspected or collusion and fraud.

We approached the casino and, long story short, got this in response:
We have our own dispute resolution measures and this player has already gone to the Curacao eGaming commission.

We cannot work with you unfortunately to resolve this issue.

I tried a few times to explain that an internal process is insufficient and the Curacao commission is not fit for purpose but they were having none of it. End result was the same: talk to the hand.

Be Aware: USoft Gaming casinos -- PlayHub, PH, BetSwagger, etc -- will not discuss player complaints regardless of the circumstances. Players are advised to look elsewhere for their casino entertainment.

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Warning: the complaints against these guys, especially Playhub (playhubcasino.com), keep coming in and there has been no change in policy from them regarding player complaints. Players should avoid these casinos until such time as they decide to take player complaints seriously and put a proper third-party dispute resolution policy in place.

Was Be Aware, now upgraded to a full Warning.
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There actually acting illegal there license is not actually for them they have pulled a good trick all the casinos under them are owned by usoftgaming n.v as in there terms and conditions but the license is issued to usoftgaming b.v this company does not even exist on any company record so what they are doing is getting a license with not fixed games for usoftgaming b.v but the company’s playing them are usoftgaming n.v so the transactions can be charged back as they are not following visa rules that to process an gambling transaction the casino must have a valid license the so called independent company called Xm compliance management group is also part owner of usoftgaming n.v and share the same address the company im waiting on visa regarding the issue as also in there term and conditions they state that the games are tested by an independent lab via the game provider before being issued to them. This company does not even have some of the games there playing issues to them

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