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Hilary Bassett

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Apr 15, 2007
South Africa
Greetings everyone. I feel so relieved to have found you! It can be cold out there alone!:)

This is my first posting so forgive me if I raise a subject youve already thrashed out. I live in South Africa, and had hoped to wager overseas in pounds, since rands are worth tiddlywinks. I reckoned you spend the same time, effort and nervous energy whatever the currency, so why not make the most you can? So I was a bit dismayed to read the advice from the Meister himself, to only wager in your home currency, or if thats not an option, to use US dollars. I checked with a British casino, and they also advise registering with dollars giving as the reason that you will otherwise forfeit your bonuses. Now to me, this doesnt appear to be a great threat, as the bonuses seem to be worth diddlysquat if youre playing mainly with the casinos money. What say you? Are there any problems Im not aware of ?


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Jun 30, 1998
When I stated to wager in your home currency, I meant to imply to wager in Euros if you use these at home, USD if you live in the states, GPB if you are in the UK, etc. If you are a SA player, the Rand is kind of hard to find as an available currency, but most casinos would expect you to wager in USDs. (US ber alles).

To play it safe, please contact the customer service rep to ensure that all is okay to wager in whatever currency. Get this in writing - not over the phone.


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Jun 19, 2006
While i believe the Meisters advice to be sound, personally being a member of many casinos and only ever playing in Dollars, i discovered this information long after i started signing up and playing lol. Fortunatly for me I have yet to join a casino where they have prohibited any currency play other than your own home currency. Mg casinos that i use all give the option to play in USD and only 2 that im a member of stated that i needed to play in home currency. oops lol These 2 i realised AFTER id joined. Still saying that, they have never mentioned anything and they have never refused a cashout. Since USD and GBP are among the worlds forerunning currencies i cant really see how this would ever be a problem for any casino accepting transactions in either.

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