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Oct 15, 2005
Hello meisters

Well as I stated in a recent post about depositing to online casinos, USEMYBANK just sent me the e-mail below:
Soon the banks and government will be telling us what to eat,wear etc. I am so glad my bank is there to protect me from any evil in the world
! :notworthy

Oct. 15/07 UseMyBank Message to Canadian Buyers

UseMyBank has been helping Canadians to make online banking payments
to merchants since 2002 with our main processor GPAY/NPAY.

As our customers, you have made it very clear that you enjoy the
service that we provide, and are very comfortable with the company and
the technology behind UseMyBank.

Unfortunately, the major Canadian Financial Institutions seem to feel otherwise, and have now forced GPAY/NPAY to cease processing payments for UseMyBank and it's customers.

This means that YOUR bank is blocking your ability to make payments
with our service. Your Bank has decided to make the decision on your behalf as to how you spend your money and what service you choose to use.

As a reminder, UseMyBank Services Inc. does not accept any manual payments. Payments can only be made through a Merchants website.

If you have any concerns regarding past payments please

We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused.


Joseph Iuso
UseMyBank Services, Inc.

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That totally sucks. I would hypothetically suggest that players from around the world opt in for Ecocard or it's alternative as a show of solidarity (muddy the pot)

Barring that, if you live in a free society insist that your government not interfere in your personal financial affairs.

The Canadian Banking Industry is controlled via extortion by the Us BI and it by a form of 'plea bargaining'. (i.e. every financial institution has skeletons in the closet, has fell afoul of the labrynthine and draconian traps created by so-called deregulation). and they'll give up whomever they're asked to and acquiesce when it seems in their short term interest to do so.

If Canadian citizens still have a mechanism within that parlimentary democracy to affect change without having to sway their reps with potential votes (something we Americans don't seem to have)... if they can appeal to reason, by all means please do it. Otherwise we are all in the same boat. There is a 'move' on all international monetary transactions. Will Canada strike a blow for freedom? Will their Southern neighbors be inspired? Not likely.

Bend over Canada, you are no more free than we.
I just went to Ecocards website and it says in bold print that Americans cannot use Ecocard for online gambling.
Whats next? Will the banks implant microchips in our heads to see where we are thinking of spending our hard earned money?
Time for a revolution! Who do these banks think they are?

I believe it was Nostradamus who said the village idiot will come forward and want to rule in the year 2000, and he did. Thanks to bush we are losing are rights as Americans to spend money where and when we want. Now it seems other countries are willing to follow in his foot steps.

Sad thing with Ecocard being they stopped servicing the USA a month ago I'm sure Canada will be next.

Bend over Canada, you are no more free than we.
It's the insidious 'stealth' nature of this sort of publicly unannounced, undebated and unilateral action by entities such as "the major Canadian Financial Institutions" that gets to me.

The needs of the end customer seem to be the least of its priorities.
Potential reasons for banks taking action

I have to first say that although this is my first post here, I have been an anonymous reader for years, and have the utmost respect for frequent posters in this forum.

I wanted to contribute a few motivations that potentially may be behind the chartered banks in Canada denying service to UseMyBanks payment processor.

Before I do - I have to say that I personally have been using UseMyBank for over 3 years and have NEVER EVER had a problem with a deposit or debit from my account.

UseMyBank uses technology which effictively logs into your internet banking profile by proxy and passes through your login information to perform a transaction so that their servers can monitor the success of the transfer. First, the payments were being executed as a "bill payment" transaction to GPAY. This is essentially the same as executing a payment on your phone or utility bill, the difference being that the benefactor was GPAY. In turn UseMyBank would settle with the online gambling site but front the money for the player to access immediately. (I don't have inside information on their technology - but as far as I can see this is how it appeared to function).

Then for some reason about a year ago, Use My Bank started transacting these monies using something in the Canadian banking system called an Interac Email Transfer. Interac email transfer allows a Canadian banking customer to transfer funds to another party using a secure server which manages the transaction by being a secure "middleman" to the sender and receiver, and ultimately settles the funds between banks.

For those not in Canada, Interac is a consortium of financial institutions (the chartered banks and the schedule B banks in Canada),and is the operator of the Canadian debit card system. The banks all own a share of the Interac Association and profit from its operations.

I believe that the reason that the banks are prohibiting GPAY from settling transactions for UseMyBank, is that they are of the opinion, (and that it is a violation of ALL of the Banks electronic banking agreements) , that UseMyBank is gaining access to their systems using proxy data from the banks users. They percieve this a risk - and quite frankly - in the hands of an unscrupulous operator - I would have to agree that I would see it in the same light.

However, the Interac corporation is in the process of rolling out an Internet based payment product similar to UseMyBank which allows Canadians to make purchases online using their debit cards. Outdated URL (Invalid) The stakes here are huge, in I suspect that Interac sees this as a money making proprosition from the fees it would receive for transacting such business. AND MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT - Interac are masters of soaking the Canadian banking customer for fees.

Although the banks currently earn fees on an Interac email transfer as well by billing the sender a fee, I suspect they see the opportunities for revenue growth in the fees they potentially could charge an online merchant much like the discounts that are applied to merchants by credit card companies.

So although I like reading the conjecture about the Bush Administration's ability to influence the Canadian banking system and participants - my personal opinion is that Interac has more greedy motives behind this move.

Again - I have no insider information but as a UseMyBank user and looking at the banking environment in Canada from an end user perspective, this is my personal opinion of the reasons behind the bank's move to "freeze out" UseMyBank from conducting business.

I will continue to read these forums with great interest.
I can add more to this saga too. Gpay and scotiabank were in a lawsuit over this .I personally had my bank account closed by scotiabank for using 'excessive' gpay transactions. At the end of the day it is all about the banks keeping the money /processing fees to themselves.

It drives me crazy to think that the banks think they have a right to tell us how we spend our money. The money in my accounts is earned by me not the banks! I get up every morning and go to work to earn my paycheck. When will this madness with the damn banks stop? As long as I pay my bills and mortgage on time every month I do not see why they have the right to tell me what to do with the rest of my cash. Next thing you know they will start telling us what grocery stores we can shop in. It is pure evil if you ask me. We are slowly losing our rights and it is happening in such a way that we don't notice until it is too late to do anything about it. It would be great if we all filed a class action lawsuit against the banks for this kind of garbage they are trying to pull. Closing accounts because of excessive GPAY transactions? GOOD GOD!
I better watch how many times I buy cigs or booze using my bank card , the banks might notice and close my account due to "excessive fun."

Oh please big banks , save me from myself! :notworthy

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