USA players?


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Feb 17, 2012
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I know an old thread but still relevant i believe (what do i know :what: )

I was trying to search USA accepted casino's and their ratings but couldn't find anything. I thought i saw casino Max, Sloto Cash, Jackpot Capital etc were still accredited but no information that i could find.


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Jun 30, 1998
Well - they are still accredited in my opinion, but since we can't advertise for them, you won't find any links here. But I can recommend we know the webmasters and they have the same standards as us.


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Oct 29, 2020
Actually, we are planning to merge the site to here - .com. Seems like a fair number of folks don't know that the States is slowly opening up. Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania - and 35 States allow parimutuel betting. It's all covered here
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but it doesn't get much coverage.
Slowly and painfully so, but there is some significant momentum building now. Critical Mass isn't too far away and nearly 2 years later the foresight of this post is much more relevant.


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Aug 28, 2009
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dear US members what kind of content do you think we could add in the forum and our site from your US point of view?. More content related to land based casinos, new jersey casinos info,... all your suggestions appreciated.
Ok, I wouldn't have bumped this thread, but since someone DID, here's my thought:

There have been many bitcoin-only casinos that have arisen in the wake of the rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They offer a wide variety of innovative games, and typically have juicy RTP settings (compared to the usual US-facing gaming softwares). In addition, I have found when they say "instant withdrawals", they really do mean instant. Also, many of them do not have daily or weekly withdrawal limits, so that if I win big, I can probably cash it all out at once, instantaneously.

The drawback is that since they are mostly crypto-only, navigating the fiat-crypto obstacle course is mandatory, which can be a drag.

But the pros very much outweigh the cons, in my opinion.