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Apr 4, 2005
Thought this was pretty crappy.

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Check one of those links:

Date Game Played Amount Player Country User Name
August 31st Roulette $601 Gary W United States [deleted]

What are they thinking posting usernames on there?

If you knew someone who was a player there, it wouldn't be too hard to work out their username.

Talk about dumb.

Not to mention that the so-called winnings are misleading - with multiple wins for players on a single day it appears that they aren't actually net cashouts. If a player played four games, losing $5,000, but then won $1,000 on the fifth, it goes down as a winning. (e.g.,
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- no less than 20 separate 'winnings' for Takashi A.)

This comes from the casino with the term 'You are aware of and agree that the maximum amount that a Player can cash-out is $10,000 USD (or the equivalent amount in EURO or GBP currency) per month. This provision will not apply on the progressive Jackpot winnings.'

in their terms & conditions. I believe one of their sister casinos actually enforced this condition on a progressive winner recently.

Considering that this group of casinos is one of the largest on the net, and makes millions in profits each year, they could afford to pay out properly, but are not doing so for purely cynical reasons.
I used to deposit here.

I deposited here a few times and I cashed out with no problems but considering the problem I had with their sister site, Carnival, and the complaints about the rogued Joyland, I won't again. Their are plenty of other places to play at really who will pay you no problem. I bet if you were lucky enough to win a really large some at Intercasino or the Marc casinos they would probably pay you the whole thing in a couple days. I think Intercasino used that as a marketing thing about winning $100,000. You are a winner if you cash out more than your deposit or win on a free chip and are paid.

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