USA Casino/Playtech REP?


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Jun 5, 2006
Edmonton Canada
Is there a casino contact/rep for USA Casino on the CM site? If so, can someone please let me know? My boyfriend has played with them for over a year and never had any problem until lately.

Currently he's having a frustrating/stupid/unbelievably ridiculous time withdrawing. He tried making a withdrawal last month, waited the (Playtech) 4 days for them to process, they sent him a mail that they've processed it - then a few days later, the amount is back in his casino account. He called them, they said blah blah blah, we had trouble with your withdrawal. So he makes the withdrawal again - waits ANOTHER 4 days, they send him the mail that it's been processed, three days later, it's back in his casino account again. He calls them again, etc etc etc.

To cut a long repetitious story short, they've reversed his withdrawal FIVE times with next to no explanation and without doing anything helpful - not only that, every time he tries to make the withdrawal again, they make him wait the 4 days, then a few more days and then stick it back in his account. Every time he calls, they give him a different story or excuse why his withdrawal didn't go through. He deposits using InstaDebit, he withdraws using InstaDebit, and he's made withdrawals before with no problem.

He's currently sending a mail to Playtech, but I'm hoping if there's a casino contact available that he can talk to. The customer service reps tell him something different every time he calls.

They seem to be having serious cashflow problems. Previously, they were connected with New York and Club Dice although the latter may have switched to a new owner. A year ago, I won $130 off a ND of $7 and they kept reuqesting that I cancel my withdrawal and that I will be given a bonus for that. I refused and finally got paid but the situation must have gotten worse now as there was a thread where many players received the same e-mail requesting for reversal of withdrawals. I think Bryan also warned us about that.

BTW, did they ask your boyfriend to cancel the withdrawal? If they do, refuse at all costs. Meanwhile, maybe its time to PAB.
it's funny - after posting here I almost immediately got a PM from a rep - I responded via email thanking them for the quick response. The next day my boyfriend contacted them via email and he heard nothing back from them at all. Interesting, isn't it?

He also did the Playtech inquiry form and they prodded someone there who wrote him but also didn't help. His withdrawal has currently cleared the "pending withdrawal" period AGAIN, and he's waiting on a bank draft.

On a brighter note, the withdrawal has swelled to double what it was, since the last time they put it back in his casino account, he played a bit and won - however, he hasn't been paid yet, so it's hard to get too excited about it.
Well, this is the last straw. If the refunds are reversed again, stop playing immediately lest you lose your money and any claim for payments. Then seek Bryan's help.
We're hoping it won't come to that - PAB, that is. But just in case...does Bryan even deal with Playtech casinos? I seem to recall reading something during my lurking days that he wouldn't even deal with most Playtech casinos.
woohoo - the bank draft arrived today. Which is good! But it took over a month for this withdrawal. Which is bad. Even for Playtech! ;)

So no PAB for USA casino - however, I believe that their customer service and managers could have been a whole lot more helpful in this case. The problem I guess was trying to withdraw through InstaDebit - which has always worked fine in the past, but obviously is buggered now - and nobody at USA seemed to know what the frigging problem with it actually was.

Personally, I'd love to see Playtech shortening their withdrawal time - that 4 day pending process is ridiculous. In this case he went through it FIVE times! Do the math, that's over a month for the withdrawal but most of it was sitting in the "pending withdrawals" - and no way to flush it. And no offer to flush it either....

Personally I don't play Playtech casinos anymore mostly for that reason, but my boyfriend loves them - but he wins occasionally, which is more than I ever do. Not that I'm doing so great with MG or RTG lately either....:rolleyes:

Anyhow, just wanted to let everyone know what happened with this - it took awhile, but it did finally get paid.

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