Urgently Need Your Help!


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Jan 16, 2012
We have been working hard on Slot Tracker and have recently decided to implement an "Import Logs" option so you will be able to instantly push all of your previous spin data to analyse your previous sessions. HOWEVER, many sites output their logs in different formats and we need your help...

We need to gather many samples of these exported log files so we can read from as many different sites as possible. We do not need full logs but just a few lines so we can see what file type they use and how they organise the data (row names, columns etc). We also need the site name and site URL where the log was exported from.

For now, we only need sites that support WMS, NetEnt or microgaming slots. If anyone is interested in helping out with this I will be very grateful and make sure you get a first look at Slot Tracker when we have the Alpha ready.

If you can upload the log somewhere secure and send me a link to it via Private Message this would be great! Feel free to remove any private information but do not change the format or row names. Thank you very much in advance! :thumbsup:

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Oct 22, 2013
I'm afraid you are in for a massive disappointment here.

Getting spin history is a massive pain in the ass and varies so much between casino to casino.

The problems you will face are as follow:-

- a lot of casinos will only provide comprehensive data via a support request
- online spin history tends to be very limited (broadly speaking)
- the data format varies wildly. The best is CSV the worst is PDF or word
- the logs tend to have the strange names associated with the games which aren't easy to reconcile. Lights by netent springs to mind...it's called firebugs or something. Mgs and wms have completely unintelligible names I.e. mgs_102245
- each casino processes the accounting differently so no consistency (of course you can code around this but it's still a ball ache)

And finally the worst of all.....some casinos are simply unable to provide individual data. I had falling out with whitebet about this but they claimed because it was simply too big a job. I was super vip there too so expected more.

Anyway. That said I probably have the data you need in the format you need from 10+ casinos I can send on. PM me your email and I'll see what I can dig out.

Just a thought but have you thought about contacting the casino reps directly to see if they'll help? I'm guessing that might be a short conversation but no harm in asking.

Good luck