Upwards and Onwards

So I've had my ups and downs with gambling.
a lot to unpack there
firstly, congrats on the proposal, I hope all works out :)
I'm glad youre recognizing your limits
I really do, hope you reach out to @Casinomeister to move into the
QG section
Also HBD and GL to a new you :)
Think you have to block every means of gambling as soon as possible, chop up your mastercard, be open and honest with your girlfriend
and if she stands by you, keep the promise never to gamble again.The choice is yours,either a wonderful new life or throw money away on something you admit gives you no pleasure.
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Thanks all...

Can't say I'm looking forward to the talk, unless I figure something out. Getting a bonus over new years, so even considering taking out a payday loan, even though they have the worst Apr.

Will be good to have a break anyway, if I can get through this.

Not looking to remove myself from the community as I would still want to take part in the various topics
Hiya CasinoNinja,

So sad to hear of your of your predicament. I truly hope all goes well for you and you get the help you need. You really might benefit with talking this out with others who share the same addiction problems - Gamcare for one:
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I will also place you in the Quit Gambling user group which hides most of the gambling related content of the forum. This way you can remain an active part of the community - but while logged in you won't be seeing all those gambling threads - just mostly the attic.

Good luck to you and happy belated birthday. :thumbsup:
Sorry you are in a bind CasinoNinja.

Apart from obviously cutting all your gambling ties, could you take on extra work in the evenings or something so get some of that money back? The gig economy is strong. Maybe you could write about your experiences for some sort of publication and get paid? Hustling like that is also a great way to keep your mind occupied when it might otherwise stray into familiar dangerous territory.

Good luck to you!
Good luck man, i think you'd be pretty naive to think we've all, to some sliding scale, addicted to slots on here - some, more than most.

The convo may go better than you expect - less conspicuous, but equally devastating, addiction - more time to do things you enjoy, than single click yourself into oblivion so it's really not that much of a loss.

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