Uptown Aces debited my account twice


Dormant account
Apr 10, 2020
On 4/4/2020 I made 5 x $200 deposits into my Uptown Aces account and the transactions all appeared on my bank statement on 6/4/2020. However, on the 10/4/2020 there were an additional 5 x $200 withdrawals from my account which I did not approve. I have tried contacting Uptown Aces online chat but keep getting disconnected, I emailed their support with screenshots of my bank transactions but they have not responded to my query. Instead I get an email this evening from their security that 5 x $200 charges were returned and I owe them $1000.00. They have closed my account and sent my details to a global database and told me that they would refer the issue to a collection agency. It is actually me who has been ripped off.
Hi Lelep,

Can you please PM me your Uptown Aces username and we'll have a look.

kind regards,
Ms Sloto

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