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Feedback Updating the rating system - need your input

Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions, Announcements, & Feedback' started by Casinomeister, Nov 8, 2016.

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    Nov 8, 2016
  1. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Hi All,

    I'm updating the Casinomeister Rating System, and for the past few years, we've been rating casinos on whether or not they have manual flushing. In my opinion, this seems to be a bit dated. We have quite a number of casinos that pay within a couple of hours - sometimes in minutes, so this is almost the same thing and this is already included in the casino's score. For many casinos that still offer flushing, it's only for VIP members - which for the scoring system is a moot item.

    So the question is, is there another yes/no feature you'd like to see that can be scored? Please let me know, and perhaps we can include that in the casino's rating.

    Also, if you have any questions concerning the rating system, please let me know. I am in the process of putting together a short video that explains the whole thing in detail. :D
  2. Nov 8, 2016
  3. RichyJ75

    RichyJ75 Silly Member PABnonaccred

    Dogsbody and personal servant to my kids
    United Kingdom
    I would like to see casinos scored on how well they deal with responsible gaming.

    Great control options at Videoslots - user has full control over limits, time out, self exclusion, etc.

    However, at Casumo (still a very good casino and happy using them) you have to contact them to change limits, cooling down period, self exclusion, etc.

    Just an example, but I do like having full control over my account without having to bother or wait on CS.

    That's my thoughts!
  4. Nov 8, 2016
  5. Jono777

    Jono777 Meister Member CAG mm4 mm1

    Self- Employeed
    I would like to see the addition of 'Communication' please.

    This could include average response time to e-mails, response from their rep here at Casinomeister, knowledge of general live 'help' staff, freuency of emails, whether players are informed or not regarding updates in T&C's etc.

    Could take a bit of gathering to be able to do this so fair enough if it is a 'None Starter' - Maybe we could gather this info similar to withdrawal data via us Minions?

    Just a thought :thumbsup:
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  6. Nov 8, 2016
  7. Mr Wild

    Mr Wild Experienced Member

    Online Casino
    More things about support, one example is live chat open 24/7?
    I have seen many bettings sites that dont offer live chat at all like Pokerstars. Its frustrating when you need help and have no one to talk to. Email's sometimes feels "too long waiting time".
  8. Nov 8, 2016
  9. Mr Wild

    Mr Wild Experienced Member

    Online Casino
    Maybe also innovation points?
    Many sites are white labels that just look the same, would be nice to see the casinos that actually stand out.
  10. Nov 8, 2016
  11. Mouche12

    Mouche12 Kitty Lover PABnononaccred PABnonaccred PABnoaccred

    Translator and facilities manager
    The option to block reverse of withdrawal(s) at Rizk is worth mentioning IMO. I believe no other casino has it, and some might not need it in view of the speed of the withdrawal process. Still a very good feature!
  12. Nov 11, 2016
  13. colinsunderland

    colinsunderland Experienced Member MM webmeister

    Customer service as a whole.
    In my view 99% of things should be able to get sorted by first contact. Game errors etc would obviously have to be escalated, but especially common complaints we see on here such as a bonus not being applied, a withdrawal taking longer than usual, KYC taking days or weeks, that type of thing should all be sorted out within a live chat session.

    I don't think the rep should be included in the rating, in my view, if you have to get a rep involved, then customer service have failed, as you are having to speak to someone else to get sorted what you originally asked CS for. It should be a rating for first contact customer service, not what happens days or weeks later.

    Personally I hate poor customer service and have closed accounts or stopped depositing because of it, no matter if it was sorted out at a later date by a rep, and would have been interested to see how others rated them, or if I was a one off.

    Another thing, not rating related directly, but not sure where to put it. Theres been complaints recently about Accredited Casinos doing things different to what the review/ratings say. DrVegas for example taking far longer to payout than is stated, casinos with ccj's against them by players etc. Do the reviews get updated when there are problems?
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  14. Nov 11, 2016
  15. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    This is where the importance of the Meister Minions comes into play. When a casino first gets accredited, most of the time we only have the information that the casino has about how long it takes to get paid. In most cases I will sign up - go through the process, and hopefully win something so I can cash out and add that to the Meister Minion data. The thing is, payouts that include ID doc checks are not counted on the casino ratings page - only those players that have cleared the KYC hoops are counted.

    This is why sometimes what is posted in the accred section is different in reality. And this is why we need more minions. :D

    Just like I need more cowbell - I need more minions. :p

    By the way, I am currently working on a video that explains most everything you need to know about the rating system (which prompted this thread).
  16. Nov 11, 2016
  17. petro

    petro Dormant account, per user request PABnoaccred2 PABaccred

    One thing the rating system doesn't mention is; value for money.
    For example, Video Slots rate quite high but the bang for your buck is quite low in comparison to other places.

    But, I think it's probably too much to ask for because it would be too hard to keep track of constantly changing promotions.

    I noticed something different in the reviews as well. I checked the review of Australia Casino and it said it had Microgaming software. But when I signed up at Australia Casino I looked at their entire selection and only saw one MG game. But like I said above, maybe it's something that's just too hard to keep track of.
  18. Nov 11, 2016
  19. hedgehok

    hedgehok Meister Member mm3

    I think casinos should publish the TRTP of all their games (if these are not published in the help file or anywhere else when opening the slots). This especially applies to Microgaming.
    My suggestion would be:

    +0.1 if there is a public list like Videoslots (You must register/login in order to see the link.) or 32Red (You must register/login in order to see the link.) added to the rating.
    0 if there are only the help files
    -0.1 if the casino has (almost) exclusively games that don't publish these numbers or have a wide range of TRTP settings (RTG casinos).
  20. Nov 11, 2016
  21. dunover

    dunover Unofficial T&C's Editor Staff Member CAG PABnononaccred PABnonaccred PABinit mm3 webmeister

    International Money Launderer
    the bus shelter, opposite GCHQ Benhall
    TRTP isn't that important IMO as nearly every game is between 95-97% average just over 96. Most you simply go in the help files so I don't see the point TBH.

    Customer service at weekends live chat, maybe but communication ratings would be highly subjective.

    My preferences:

    INSTANT SELF-SET SE/TAB as Richy said earlier. The most important IMO. Should make a big difference to a score. Most accredited sites already have BOTH in a one-stop RG section, if they haven't a big minus.

    A grading system for reversal/pending periods. No pending/reverse facility say like Sky, Grosvenor Paddy Power OR like Rizk?? 'Lock my withdrawal' max points. Slightly lower for those with 0-12 hours average (glean info from Minions section) and then 12-24. Lowest scores for minimum 24 hours and minimum 48 bottom of the heap for cash-out timeliness. There are 5 levels there, say (assuming Bryan gives 1.0 maximum here) 1.0 for no reverse, 0.8 for minutes-12 hours, 0.6 for 12-24, 0.4 for minimum 24 -48, 0.2 for minimum 48 and anything lower F-all....

    KYC timeliness - this is a source of concern often on here, people play at a usually fast-paying casino and get excessive delays of days on first w/d. So KYC in minutes-hours a bonus score.

    UKGC warnings - a minus of some description maybe?

    SUB w/d limits - if any casino places a w/d limit like say VPL/FL in their terms (6xD) then a reduction there. If they don't want new players to win, stop offering the bloody bonuses full stop.

    That's my two-penn'orth.:):)
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  22. Nov 12, 2016
  23. Deeplay

    Deeplay New World Order CAG mm1 webmeister

    Works For Self
    The biG Eu
    Certainly KYC timelines should be a factor especially now as RG issues are coming up more and more in the forum (and elsewhere ) this has to be a consideration also. Such as do they have all the functions needed that a player can implement themselves. Sites such as royalpanda, Videoslots, energycasino have it right in my book. All with extensive tools a player can utilize without the need to contact CS. Its not just about SE , its about gambling within a persons own limits. Myself if I can not easily set deposit limits I will not visit such a casino often if ever. And deposit limits are something I use almost every where and am forever changing them depending on my own budget.

    And they are few Accredited Casinos that do NOT have an automated process for RG tools, and I take that into consideration. Im not going to name them here as dont want to be seen as starting a bash fest. But example surly site A should get a little more credit than site B who has less point and click functionality when it comes to RG tools ?

    And then the responsiveness of the CS reps, not so much on the forum as most are great at responding but actually at the casino ... credit given for CS systems and reps that are easy fast and knowing how to resolve issues without resorting to "please clear your cookies and restart your computer" thats so windows 95 :cool:
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  24. Nov 12, 2016
  25. Yumi2031493st

    Yumi2031493st Newbie member webby

    iGaming consultant
    Cape Town
    Hmmm, just my 2 cents worth:

    I agree with the others that customer support should be on the list. I've come across many online casinos(both old and new) who have staff who deliver an inferior service IMO. This could be due to a number of factors. Too little staff, no proper training, no set KPIs, etc. Then of course there's the language barrier and understanding between the agent and player. We also have to take into account long waiting times for inbound calls, welcome emails(some casinos don't send any after registration), birthday/special event calls/email/chats etc.

    I often find myself training agents on live chat, I can't help myself :D

    Then there's design, development, mobile compatibility, number of games, live casino, software, betting limits on welcome bonus, wagering requirements for all bonus(average), additional products(sportsbetting, bingo, poker), restricted countries, currencies, transaction methods, pending withdrawal times, KYC turnaround times, loyalty/VIP program and so on.
  26. Nov 14, 2016
  27. Playfulflirt

    Playfulflirt Registered

    customer service
    smarter then the average bear!

    I quite enjoy the rating system as it currently is with the slight exception that there is no scoring for originality of games. I am discouraged by different sites having the same games at each. Most people i would think go onto a new or different site to play a game they have never experienced before not just for the registration spins. I myself try to stay away from free spins as usually the wager amount to claim seems ridiculously high at times.

    just a thought. Happy spinning..:oops::p
  28. Dec 11, 2016
  29. MissRuthless

    MissRuthless Experienced Member

    Over Worked Under Paid

    I have not read far into this thread yet and saw the above quote. Definitely as MUST have, especially on Casino's that have 24 process times and More so on places that have 48hr+ like no processes done on weekends
    for example. That option to block a reversal should exist - then again 24hr+ withdrawls should NOT exist anyway.
  30. Dec 16, 2016
  31. spoton

    spoton Senior Member webmeister

    Right behind you
    Robustness and reliability of the software has to start counting if the rating is gonna be worth something.

    Just came off a session with one of the Accredited Casinos here, and some of the games lagged like a b****.

    My experience is that lag, disconnects etc are something microgaming is especially plagued with. So how about deducting a point of two for all the sites having microgaming onboard?
  32. Dec 17, 2016
  33. jumboshrimp

    jumboshrimp Experienced Member MM PABinit

    I can only think of # of complaints or Pab's maybe with a ratio using casino traffic.

    What I would like to see is payment providers used and country restrictions on the accredited list. Maybe hire a couple of students to do that:D
  34. Dec 30, 2016
  35. Steviedoo

    Steviedoo Senior Member MM

    I don't know if anyone has posted this....and don't know if this belongs here on this thread...

    but I was looking for a new casino to play at and went looking on the accredited list....there's a lot of info which is good but there seems to be info that is missing and not uniform for every casino.

    For example if I go to betsafe...it will tell me some info but it won't tell me what currency they accept. And I understand that some casinos will have less info however under 32 red it states that 5 currencies are accepted..but they don't say which ones....and under cashmio it also states the different currencies it accepts. Which btw it says they have cad currency but when I signed up it didn't give me a choice, it went to euro.

    I just find that every casino page is displayed differently and I have to go looking for info however if every page was displayed uniformly and info was organized in the same fashion it would be much easier on the eyes and be less frustrating to look for info. (I'm gonna resort to posting and asking fellow CDN for suggestions.)

    Is there no way to get a uniform way of displaying the info..a lot of info and it can be overwhelming. just a suggestion. And I know it might be difficult to do given the amount of info that is there.

  36. Dec 30, 2016
  37. bjtaz44

    bjtaz44 Experienced Member

    Far north
    Agree! I end up signing up then find out they don't offer CDN currency, kind of wish there was more details for that also, unless I'm missing it.
  38. Dec 30, 2016
  39. Steviedoo

    Steviedoo Senior Member MM

    thebcurrency was an example...would be easier to navigate if info was all organized in the same way.
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