updating personal info.. Documents requested?


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Apr 8, 2006
Hi all..

I just want to hear what you think of the following..

I recently moved and I thought I'd update casinos I play at.. This is a part of reply I got back..

This is to confirm that we have receive your email. We apologize for the
delayed response. That is right *****, we would need to update your
information for future use.

We kindly request that you send (via email or fax) copies of any credit cards
(front and back) you have registered in your account, a copy of a valid Photo
ID (i.e. a drivers license or passport) which shows your registered mailing
address, and a valid Photo ID, bank statement or utility bill showing your new
address. This information is required for security purposes only and you will
not be asked to send us this information again.

Once we have received legible copies of this information your mailing address
will be updated. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused, and we
hope to have your cooperation in this matter.

I think it's a bit strange that I have to prove (with a LOT of documents) that I've moved.. I don't really like sending documents at all, but I can imaging they would ask this IF I ever cashed out..

But why ask now? I didn't have to send documents when I signed up with my previous adres, right???

I'm just curious what your thoughts are..

(at this moment I'm just not going to play here..)
I would think that they simply want to make sure that no one has hacked your account and changed the personal details to steal your money.

If you don't use credit cards for deposits, don't send them copies.

Also, black out account and driver's license numbers if you send them those documents. All they need is to confirm that the address matches up with what you changed it to. :thumbsup:
Thanks Macgyver for your thoughts..

I noticed casinos reacting very different on my request to change details.. Some changed it without any problems.. Some want one document, others a lot of documents..

They funniest response I've had was that

Because we send payments to you mailingadress we want to make sure everything is correct

When I send them a reply that my winnings where paid to neteller, they said something like

well, we would still need those documents

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