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Just left Jackpot City very frustrated. I logged in used the credits I had left from last time , so went to banking to deposit and one of my c/c had gone from deposit method so I started chat and asked rep if I had this card ending in xxxx is registered because I could not remember if I had that particular card with them or not. As it expired in June I just thought that's why it wasn't there. It took him 5 mins or so to finally say yes we have that card. So asked if I could update new expiry date so it can appear on banking page again. He asked to confirm my phone and date of birth. I did so gladly so as I could deposit , then he asked what the new expiry date was by now 10 mins has passed , I'm getting annoyed and ask is there a problem as other casinos do it instantly. I just want to get back to playing.

After about 12 mins of me trying to get this deposit card set up again, I ask if this going to be much longer as I'm losing patience. He politely says pls bear with me. At that point I said well can you give me a free chip to start playing now while you sort it or I will have to leave and play somewhere else.

He volunteered 5.00 I said fine, thank you. By now it's about 15 mins and I'm thinking this better happen soon because I am getting tired. Still no play money , now 20 mins so I just had to say you know what, forget about it tonight. This is taking way too long. So I left without even playing the free 5.00 that still had not been credited either at the time of my logging out. They really want my money, huh. Not happy !

20 mins after logging out I went back and found the 5.00 freebie and my banking page updated, so thank you in the end. But still a very time consuming process.
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I recently had to do the same thing at Jackpot City but mine was done in about a minute. Their support has always been really good and fast for me. Your experience is definitely NOT the norm - you may have just been unlucky and got there when it was really busy or they were having system trouble or maybe you got a trainee support person?

I'd send them an email and explain what happened. In my experience, this group is one of the few (besides you know who) who actually READ your mail and respond in a non-canned way. Maybe they'll give you an explanation as to why it took so long and offer you an apology at least.


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Theres nothing worse than waiting on cs, What do they do go and make a drink just to piss you off, My guess is they are got more than 1 help page open, Its like when you ring theses placese and there like please hold on just waiting on computer to load, For god sake were not back in the 80's using monster size amstrad computers, were now in the tec world with powerfull stuff so would of thought there equipment would bloody load up in a good time,

Hw long does it take to ask some body a few secruity qs and put a few numbers in computer