Update on gambling legislation for the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal and Germany


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May 7, 2015
I went through the quarterly report from betsson AB for Q4/2015 and found some information about gambling legislation for some key markets in Europe. I'm particularly happy about the development in Germany where a grey market is the status quo for too many years now and proper legislation is really needed.

The Netherlands
 The proposed new Dutch legislation is still in the second
chamber in the parliament waiting to be processed
 A political deal have been made between the ruling coalition
partners to set both online and offline net tax of 29%
 A debate and vote in parliament is expected in March/April
and, if passed, the senate will discuss and vote on the law in
Q3/Q4 2016
 Too early to speculate the outcome. The construction of the
law might also be legally challenged if passed
 If passed, implementation is estimated Q2 2017

Sweden – Timetable for new regulation
 Legislative process has been initiated and chairperson
have been appointed
 Law proposal planned for Dec 2017
 Start of new legislation planned for 1 July 2018

Portugal – Timetable for new regulation
 Betsson is preparing for the upcoming licensing process
 Licenses to be issued during 2016 but still considerable
difficulties regarding the licencing requirements and

 Existing legislation is constantly being questioned by the
European Commission and by local politicians.
 A new ECJ judgement from this week (Ince, C 336/14), has
confirmed such criticism and firmly ruled that the German
sport betting regulation is contrary to EU Law.
 Politicians and regions are split on the issue but more and
more support a licensing model. Supported by the INCE case
the development towards a licensing model will accelerate.
 We believe that a licensing model is likely to prevail in the
long run and we are taking steps to be ready to apply for a
license when such opportunity opens up.

source: xttp://files.shareholder.com/downloads/AMDA-1D21B7/1685583259x0x873578/404813EB-134C-46AE-9F90-EEE609F8CD0B/Presentation_of_Q4_2015.pdf

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