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May 31, 2015
Hi guys,

We hear stories about winnings denied for all kind of reaons. The usual bs that comes with casinos that basically do all they want or almost.In the last 15 years, never happened to me. I am very carefull, straightforward with casino management and my gambling is not a passion I share with friends. Until now. My best friend that lives on the first floor of our building felt in love with... yes... bonanza... lil devil and all the btg games on espacejeux (quebec resident governement casino) No problem possible there. First we both told them we were friends and they dont offer bonuses at all. Nothing.
So now he sees me playing other games, seeing nice cashback from tine to time. I would probably tell him to play at ladyhammer since the manager there is the most honest gambling related person I know. Lvbet of blueprint werent canada banned... apart from that... even with a yes from a rep...i would never send him near unibet or bml. They are not bad places, but I dont admire their
Competence or logic.

any suggestion? L andL ? Everum?Hmmm...
The only thing he asks is etransfer cashouts and not getting robbed claming he used same ip than me. Not easy since i have an account everywhere hahaha
So same address with same IP? If you contact CS prior they can approve it. Some will, some will not.
My wife also gambles and we have been successful registering (with approval from CS) at LeoVegas, many Caddell's, Videoslots and Slotsmillion. Others like William Hill said No.

I would NOT risk signing up to any casino without prior authorization. It really sucks though because you don't live together and truly he can sign up wherever he wants, but it just MIGHT come back to haunt you.

It's always best to be safe, most casinos will be lenient if you explain the situation. At least you are being proactive.

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