Untamed Bengal Tiger - Strange Error


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May 13, 2014
Weird one coming up, wondering if anyone has come across this before please?

So I am playing UBT at 32 Red Viper Client last night and I trigger the Free Spins feature with 2 tiger eye scatters and the 3rd is just peeking and 'nudges' is an per the random nudge feature.

Knew something was up straightaway as played previous day no problem and the sound during feature suddenly mutes.

Now with this game its all about the trailing / sticky wilds.

Basically if a wild drops at top position of reels it will spread downwards thus creating 2 wilds for the next spin, the spin after it spreads down again (thus covering the entire reel) plays out the spin, then spins off completely the spin after.

Ideally getting multiple wilds is the way to hit some monster wins.

Wilds which drop during a spin at very bottom of any reel spin straight off the next spin of the feature.

Now last night none of this happened, basically all wilds which showed during my entire bonus round did not spread and span right off away the next spin??????

Missed it at first as wasn't paying much attention but then it caught my eye....

Only have the following screenshots but take note of the "spins remaining" and the lack of extended wilds on the next screen and you'll see what I mean.

Screenshot 2017-12-07 17.59.02.png

Screenshot 2017-12-07 17.59.10.png

Screenshot 2017-12-07 17.59.19.png

Screenshot 2017-12-07 17.59.27.png

Now I appreciate I have not lost anything major but I know as the wilds did not stay, I have lost out on potentially a few quid.

Thoughts or similar happenings please?


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Apr 9, 2012
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Have you messaged Mark about it?

Just opened up the web casino to try for a bonus on demo play to try it out.
Was straight on a bonus when I opened it, but the wilds were moving downwards on it.

Cant try the viper as it wont work on my laptop.

Last night a streamer on another casino was playing cashapillar, he had 2 free spins left and suddenly it went up to 17 without showing any scatters.
He managed to play them out.

Screenshot-2017-12-8 Best Online Casino since 2003 - £10 Free No Deposit Bonus - 32Red.jpg


Mar 22, 2010
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It's a bug i'm sure, a display/sound bug: i had a similar issue a while back, with Hellboy..got the Hell-mode (or whatever it's called) twice and it went all wonky..looked really weird
Also more recently, with Immortal Romance, no more sound, really fast spinning, a wild desire without sound, with some weird display message instead of the classic bloody one..

All of this also happened on the DL client, and after a reload it no longer did so, i also thought at first i was getting screwed out of a few bucks, but it's just the representation of the actual outcomes, so you most likely didn't win anything else then what you saw updated in the balance..

It is a bit clunky though, and i can imagine why you'd want to delve into it further:)

I think the main culprit is flash based/html5 compatibility, as they are combining some of the old features of the Viper-client with the current HTML5 Web-client, i believe.
Perhaps they are even updating all of the slots to a mobile or html 5 version? Perhaps Mark knows this?