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Jun 3, 2013
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Hey guys,

As I am not too long in this business yet I fire some questions towards my affiliate contacts from time to time but some of the seem not responsive at all.
I have the majority of contacts on Skype but they are not always online in the hours I work on my website or social media projects.

Is this a common thing?

For example I contacted Trada Affiliates a week ago as their banners are not working for me.
When I click on them I get: No ad or affiliate ID specified.
This is weird as I get the banners right from the MY ADS section which includes my website address and my affiliate ID. Also I can see my aff ID in the link when clicking the banner.
I want this fixed but no one is home.

I also e-mailed my contact within EGO as I wanted to add Luna Casino to my portfolio, now I am only able to use SlotsMagic, Drueckglueck & PlayOjo.
No answer after 5 days.

So I am not too happy with that as I want these issues fixed obviously.


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Jul 19, 2005
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Hmm, I have been trying to get in touch with Trada Affiliates, too. I wonder what's going on with them? I hope they aren't about to go belly up like Partnerama / Dr. Vegas did last week.

Trada uses Income Access as their affiliate platform, which is one of the most disliked platforms available. I'm not surprised to hear that you are having problems with it. Affiliate forums are filled with complaint after complaint about Income Access, and some affiliates refuse to promote brands that use IA.

I wish more programs would switch to MyAffiliates or eGass.

My EGO rep is pretty responsive. Maybe add the text (PLEASE RESPOND) to your email subject line. Sometimes that works for me if I don't get a response after a couple of attempts. (I am not referring to EGO here -- as I mentioned, she always replies in a timely manner.)

Most of the affiliate managers I work with are fantastic -- very helpful and quick to reply -- but yeah, there are some duds out there, like with anything.
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Mar 5, 2013
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Hi Guys,

Is it possible that you are using the contact of our old affiliate manager, Ed? He is no longer with us.

I've had some skype issues over the past few weeks, and mentioned this on AGD. It got resolved about two weeks ago and I assume there are a number of messages I may have missed so please resend them to me via my Skype rachel.mrgn

We have also added a new affiliate manager, Shane, who is taking over many affiliate contacts so some may have slipped through the cracks. Please PM me right away with your account ID and any questions you have and I'll get back to you today.

Sincere apologies for any missed communications, it won't happen again,



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