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Aug 28, 2004
in a town i rather not be
I had a situation with a casino reguarding loyalty points.

I felt that i had been shorted. I contacted the casino told them of my concerns and they assured me that i had been credited accuratley. But i knew that what i had deposited that weekend and the 3 big jp wins that i had won and then manage to loose and win back and lost and won etc.. etc.. that i was still short loyalty points. Finally getting nowhere i asked to view my game logs and that i would do my own calculation. I was told this was impossible and they could not produce my game logs. In the next breath they offered me a special deposit bonus that i was now eligible for..
My reply was that i had been issued all the deposit bonus offered and advertised. Well this bonus is special one not advertised. I told them i didnt want the bonus i wanted access to my game logs. I wasnt looking for any freebies nor am i a bonus abuser or sore looser. But that i feel as if im being cheated out of loyalty points for which i earned and paid for.

Im struggling with the notion of refusing my bank charges. Am I the one being unreasonable. Shouldnt I have access to these player logs? And to offer me an unadvertised deposit bonus insulted me. And sent up more red flags. So my question is do you think that i should refused the bank charges on the grounds of the casinos inability to provide me with my game logs.
chuchu59 said:
Frankly,I dont understand what you are talking about at all. Can you be more specific?
if a casino couldnt provide you with a game history or game logs that shows your wagers and you felt or KNEW your credits should be more than what you have would you not pay the casino?

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