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Unlimited badbeats on FTP....

Discussion in 'Poker Complaints' started by Dag_Arbisa, Dec 13, 2010.

    Dec 13, 2010
  1. Dag_Arbisa

    Dag_Arbisa Dormant account

    Affiliate Marketing
    Hong kong
    have been playing of FTP for a long time... and one very disturbing thing that happen there is BAD BEAT, initially i never took it seriously but now its really taking a high on me...
    is there anyone else with similar problem??? please post your comments here,
    thank you...
  2. Dec 13, 2010
  3. 3mptyseat

    3mptyseat Quit Gambling PABnonaccred

    Pressing Buttons
    California de Norte
    Welcome to my life. The thing is, bad beats are a part of poker. And they are esp. a part of community cards poker, ie omaha and nlhe. Stud has more control, but in these community games, there are nearly always 'outs' as I am sure you know. I would say, if you are getting your chips into the pot when your hand is ahead, and you consistently are getting drawn out on by weaker hands, or worse yet, very long shots, then maybe two things are happening;

    A)Your only noticing these times, and forgetting the majority of hands when statistical probability runs true, or

    B) You are on the bad side of a downswing, and its time to hang em up for awhile, or just play super conservative til the bad run has completed its course.

    I know there is plenty out there about the patterns that ppl see at FTP, or stars, or cake, or...wherever you play. And I can't disprove these claims. Nor do I claim that I have never noticed some funny 'Rhythms' in the way 'setup' and 'cooler' hands are played, and rivered out, but I believe that there is no long term advantage to the house controlling cards. They make such a great rake on cash games, and 10 percent on all tourney entries, why would they risk that massive profit structure for fixed result that would ultimatley be their end? Given the bad reputation that would follow and destroy their client base if they were caught, I find it unlikely. Given the provability, and the constant attempts to prove/disprove such by places like PTR(poker table ratings dot...), I think there is a very low chance that the games are rigged. And given that even the most skilled, genius-type, math savant-esque players go on downswings too, I personally think most of the major rooms are on the up n up. (With the exception of the cereus network)

    But to answer ur question... All the freaking time:( Which would you rather see first, my collection of youtube 'badbeats' that litter my harddrive? Or a picture of my drawer full of laptops that met their end with my fist, the wall, or the floor when some donk's two outer matured on the river?

    I once had a cabbie who besides taking me home from the card club, would listen to my bad beat tales when I was running bad. He said one time, after my quad 4's were out turned by quad 7's (and in SJ CA where bad beat jackpots are illegal), "only good players have bad beat stories. I never hear a losing player telling me how he got drawn out on the river after making a good read and a huge bet." When I think bout it, he was right. So if u got some bad beats recently, shake it off and remember that.
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  4. Dec 13, 2010
  5. rockycatt

    rockycatt meistercatt

    ok ill say this providing i get immunity ive seen duplicate hole cards resulting in split pots more now then ever at ftp
    [ no win no loss] but strange

    just saying a lot of strange outcomes ; im at fault if i ever let another draw me all in if im ahead substantially

    ok the paranoid part says players that log many hours playing are valuable to a poker site [cause there free props] also great rake generators

    end of paranoid ,/ any remarks
    your friend on the felt RC

    PS i only seams that the hands are batched instead of pure rng [remember im taking the 5Th ]
  6. Dec 14, 2010
  7. bryand

    bryand Beach Bum

    Just Across the Hudson River
    It seems to me that online poker is moving toward more loose aggressive play. This logically results in more bad beats.

    The same has been true during the WSOP. How can you explain the fact that 20-something kids are so successful while players like Doyle Brunson and the other pros get knocked out early in major tourneys?
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  8. Dec 14, 2010
  9. 3mptyseat

    3mptyseat Quit Gambling PABnonaccred

    Pressing Buttons
    California de Norte
    Good point. I remember a couple years ago I played daily with a group of regulars that had few 'strangers' in it... Now, at every limit I play at, there is a large percentage, say over 50 percent, that I have little to no hand history with... So leveling is out of the question... And when in doubt, I will die on the offensive, as opposed to being 'check-call' passive and leaving chips on the table with my cards in the muck... And I think many players feel that way; Its better to make a bad read and lose a race where u r behind than it is to be a "dead money" type player. So there are gonna be a lot of races with uneven equity, and that is the recipe for bad beats...
  10. Dec 16, 2010
  11. Bencuri

    Bencuri Experienced Member PABnononaccred

    I didn't experience this, but I experienced something that is odd, however I liked it. One day when I played, I experienced a 30 minute session at a tabe during which I won in every hand. No matter how bad cards were dealt as pcoket cards, I only needed to jump in, and I won. You can imagine how angry my opponents were. considering their situation maybe they reported the case to Full Tilt, but they didn't contact me on this, so I guess the software might not have problems and it was just a rare case of extremely big luck. It really a unique case, like a jackpot win. What a pity it happened on a micro stake table!

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