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May 17, 2006
Get search engine optimized gambling news, and other gambling content delivered straight to your email box!

Need fresh content on a regular basis? We're offering some fresh new gambling subscription deals :)

I am offering the SYN News Subscription! Have a Gambling News Blog that needs a regular infusion of articles? A gambling website that could use a fresh infusion of news? A gambling forum that could use posts?

Gambling News Subscriptions

Our news articles are written by us, the copy that is sold to you will ONLY be sold to you. Each customer will get their OWN unique articles.

As a gambling news subscriber you will receive a new gambling news article ready to post in your email box daily! Most articles are rewritten news, we're writers, writing from our perspective, not reporters :p Want more news? You can order as many news packages as you like!

We have several staff writers, so your articles will not all sound alike.

Gaming Review Subscriptions

This service used to be offered in a duplicate content format, however we have since changed our package and are only offering unique gaming reviews.

Each week you will receive a new gambling article delivered straight to your email box ready to post, you may opt to have your keyword optimized article sent in plain html, or in plain text ready for mark up format.

Daily News Subscriptions: $600 per month
Weekly Reviews Subscriptions: $200 per month

Daily News with HTML Markups $750 per month
Weekly Reviews with HTML Markups: $240 per month

HTML markups include title tags, h1 and h2 tags, strong tags, em tags, tables where necessary.

If you would like your reviews, or news posted by us in your forum or blog for you, please contact us for individual additional pricing.

Payments Accepted: PayPal and Bankwire by special consideration.