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Uninstalled casino software question

Discussion in 'Ask the Meister' started by anthonylew, Mar 8, 2002.

  1. anthonylew

    anthonylew Dormant account

    I have always taken it for granted that a casino cant tell once you've uninstalled their software,although until now never even thought about it, well someone posted in our forum asking how a casino can know that you've uninstalled their software and my answer would be they cant,but this person says they recieved an email from a particular casino saying that they are sorry he's decided to uninstall their software,how can this be unless they are using some sort of spyware in the download?
    Any one else heard of this before? would be interesting to know.
  2. time

    time Dormant account

    You can go to zdnet.com or cnet.com and get a nice little program called Ad-aware which looks for, finds and then deletes those nasty little programs. Ad-aware also has an add-on (I think I paid less then 20.00 for it) that will also work like a firewall and detect them as they try to land on your hard drive and deletes them before they do.

    I can't even count how many times this program has popped up and told me it detected a program that would be reporting on my hard drive status and sending other data out via the internet.

    The free version is not a TSR program. The upgrade is. There are several other programs there (zdnet.com) also that do the same thing. I just happened to try this one and really like the way it works.

    Hope this helps
  3. anthonylew

    anthonylew Dormant account

    Thanks for that info time but reading your reply are you saying that casinos can/do tell when you've uninstalled their software and if so how many do this? Just interested now on finding out more about this as i've never seen this topic posted anywhere else and i need to know how i should reply to this person who initially posted the question. Thanks again and good luck.
  4. time

    time Dormant account

    The first time I ran the program ad-aware it found at least 8 of these type programs on my hard drive. I didn't think to note the names of the programs. I did notice that they were mostly in my "shared" directory and I even found one in my registry.

    Because they were in shared I can't say positively that they came from any one software distributor. I do know that if I go to places like prizegames.com they keep trying to drop one to my system everytime I log in.

    If you put in the words "spy ware" into any decent web search program you can start on the trail of many discussions on this issue.

  5. dave_r

    dave_r Dormant account

    After the uninstall, did the casino offer you a larger than normal bonus in an attempt to get you back? If so, which casino?

    Dave R
  6. anthonylew

    anthonylew Dormant account

    Thankyou for all the info time, appreciate it.Good luck to you. Anthonylew
  7. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Hi Anthonylew,

    To reinterate Dave's question, what casino did you uninstall?


    BTW, I use ad-aware on a daily basis. Great program!
  8. anthonylew

    anthonylew Dormant account

    Sorry this wasnt something i experienced myself but it was posted in our forum , waiting to see what casino it was, thanks for the info on ad-aware didnt know about that.
  9. colly

    colly Senior Member MM PABaccred

    Interesting -I downloaded this software tonite as I keep getting email from groups that I have unsubscribed to and guess what- 36 spyfiles in my registry and 9 on the c drive- and this computer is less then 12 months old-

    Thanks for the info guys
  10. amandajm

    amandajm Experienced Member

    I've had this puter 9 months and i had 93 whatever they are..

    What do they do ?
  11. time

    time Dormant account

    They report back to the Host (creator) data that is stored in your registry (Windows), and the Favorite, and History file for IE, Netscape and Opera.

    Once the Host knows the types of programs you have installed, where you go on the internet, etc. then the Host determine the most (sorry I know this is a bad choice of words) appropriate ads to have pop up on your screen when next you visit that particular site.

    There are also program of this type that are placed on a network by an Employer so they can monitor what their employees are using their computers for.

    So to answer your question; they gather data and send it to a Host for what ever particular reason the Host created it.

    Sometime, go to You must register/login in order to see the link. and pick up one of those tracer files that has a graphic iterface. Don't remove your little bugs for a couple of days then light up the tracer prior to actually logging on to the internet and watch the packets fly from your computer to all parts of the world the moment you enter cyberspace. It truly is an amazing sight.

    Hope this helped
  12. time

    time Dormant account

    Just wanted to say "very nice job" on updating casinomeister.com. I haven't been here since the update, you've spoiled me with your email notification system. One never has to log on to keep up on the news.

  13. amandajm

    amandajm Experienced Member

    Thanks Time,how often should i do the ad-aware thing do you reckon?
  14. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Hi Time, Thanks for the kudos....

    But you should be logging on and clicking all my banners :)

    Anyway, which Tracer software are you using?

    And for amandajm, I run ad aware once a day...takes about three minutes.


    (Message edited by admin on May 03, 2002)
  15. time

    time Dormant account

    I use a program that is proprietary to the Company that I work for. However, on zdnet.com if you go to You must register/login in order to see the link. this should take you to the tracer programs they have for free or trial versions. SpySuite also have products that do what Ad-aware and Tracers do but with much more control.

    If you register your ad-aware program it comes with a TSR (terminal stay resident) so you never have to run the program. It will notify you each time a web site tries to deliver one of these programs to your system and the parameters can be set to automatically delete them. I save the log file that ad aware creates each session to my desktop just to see which sites are trying what. I have also found that I can find info on almost every bug program that ad aware has found just by typing its name in the MSN home page search box. Its not a hobby or anything but I do like to keep current with the newest spy technology, as I do believe that this type of business is in demand now. I am sure it will not take long before it becomes a more intrusive tool for some.

  16. amandajm

    amandajm Experienced Member

    You know what gets me?

    I was under the impression this was my computer.

    With bloody spyware added to the fact that half the casino's don't uninstall properly.Bits and pieces can and can't be moved,unless i do it manually.

    Like i'm gonna do that.

    It's just liberties all round.

    Me?Liberty taker.Well i'm just a bonus abuser because i'd rather play with $200 rather than a hundred.

    What a thing. :)
  17. sacajaweha

    sacajaweha Dormant account

    Does anybody know how to completely uninstall a casino, particularly microgaming casinos. I have had the same problem after running the uninstall progam, if I install the software again SOMEHOW it still knows my account number????? This seems pretty shady!
  18. amandajm

    amandajm Experienced Member

    Good question.

    Would like to know the answer too please.
  19. time

    time Dormant account

    There are several products on the market that track that for you. The problem with them is you must first Install (for instance a Casino Program) with it running. It records as it installs. Then when you uninstall using their uninstall program it takes out everything. The most famous one that I know if is "Clean Sweep" but there are many others.

    The reason Microgaming knows is because they store their data in your registry. You can delete this data, and as long as you have uninstalled the program, it will not harm the performance of your computer. It's under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, sub directory Software, then look for the Casino's name and under HKEY_CURRENT_USER same sub directory. If you delete be sure to back up your registry first just in case you do it incorrectly.

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