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i have noticed that Unified Gaming casino's are on the OPA not recomended list, Can some one elaborate on this.

thank you
Hi Dorrex,

Unified Gaming claimed that a player had been using a robot (software that enables people to beat casino software) when he won at Gamblers Palace. There have been other incidents like this where once a player wins, an audit begins and lasts several months, all claiming that robot use was being investigated. The casinos never gave any proof that a robot was used.

There are hundreds of postings in this forum concerning UG sites. You can check them out by using a "key word" search.

I am one of those players who have been falsely accused of manipulation of data at Unified Gaming Casinos. I have won over $45,000 between 3 of their casinos : GAMBLERS PALACE, OFFSHORE ACTION, and GAMBLING STADIUM and they closed my accounts "UNDER AUDIT" and have refused to pay me my winnings. What happens is that they don't expect you to win, so if you do they yell "cheat", and refuse to pay. UG casinos all bind together and if one of them can get away with not paying you; then none of them will. These 3 so-called casinos should all be BLACKLISTED. Check out Gambling.com Grumbles and winneronline.com for more UG horror stories. Only a fool would continue to play at their sites.
Hi Bobbykwray,

Unified gaming has tested my patience with their non-responsive attitude towards people like you. I warn people not to play there because of their "robot" bullshit audit excuse, and the crappy way they deal with their customers.

Hi Bryan,
Gamblers Palace, Offshore Action and Gambling Stadium all deserve a spot in your list of ROGUE CASINOS.
I've just been reading the winneronline story and, allied to your experiences it does not paint a very happy or secure picture of Unified Gaming casinos in general and these three outfits in particular.

And do you remember the major hassle that that jackpot winner experienced earlier this year in getting her 40G or something win out of these people? Took her about 7 weeks.

They don't appear very professional to me, and you should post your experience wider as a cautionary to other players.
Yes, you are correct when you say that GAMBLERS PALACE, OFFSHORE ACTION and GAMBLING STADIUM are not very professional. In fact, that are outright DISHONEST. I am hoping that Bryan will include these anti-casinos to his ROGUE LIST or at least list them in the NOT RECOMMENDED section of his WARNINGS LIST, so other players won't be burned.

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