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Jun 30, 1998
Hi All,

I would like to hear your honest opinions about UG Casinos. I am looking for comments on the reponsiveness and quality of their customer support, and for any experiences both positive or negative that you have had at one of these casinos:

5Dimes Casino
Aloha Casino
Bali Casino
Bring Me Luck Casino
Carib Sports
Caribbean Offshore Action Casino
Easy Street Casino & Sportsbook
Gamblers Palace
Gambling Stadium
(to include: Abetz Casino
Mona Lisa Casino & Sportsbook
Rosies Chalk Island Casino
Shangrila Casino
Snap Casino & Sportsbook)

Get A Bet Casino & Sportsbook
Golden Wager Casino & Sportsbook
Hampton Casino & Sportsbook
Homewagering Sportsbook & Casino
IBET Casino
Island Casino
Old Las Vegas Casino
OSG Casino & Sportsbook
Royal Island Casino
Skytower Casino & Sportsbook
St. Kitts Sportsbook & Casino
Tangiers Casino
TropicalBet Sportsbook & Casino
Vegas From Home
Winward Casino
Stay away, Honest.
Unless you enjoy being treated like crap while loosing your money. I beleive these are all blacklisted.
OK, yes, He does have them all blacklisted with special accolades to Aloha,"YOU SUCK" I'd say that pretty much covers it! lol

I love the way this board emails you the postings. Very Nice!
Yes, they are blacklisted here. But what I would like are some objective comments about these casinos, hopefully comments that are not prejudiced from my postings or experiences.

This should be interesting... UG don't have the best of reputations and (spammers aside) it will be useful to see pro and con opinions backed by hard fact.
Objective, Hard sometimes. I will need to qualify something first, if I could.

One the biggest reasons I got involved in the promotional end of the online gambling biz was to try to help newcomers get a positive introduction to gambling online. Not necessarily a win, but a fun and positive experience and NOT get screwed.

In my opinion, the industry has lost thousands of players because of bad initial experiences due to trickery and the vulnerabilty of the newbie. They come in like babies. Innocent and unsuspecting, just looking for a fair and fun opportunity to have luck prevail for them.

Getting screwed comes in a lot of different forms these days, and it changes so fast from week to week. Somehow, I was lucky enough to find CasinoMeisters and WOL before I got completely turned off.

So, one of my first experiences was at Gamblers Palace. AT THAT TIME, the terms were scattered all over the site in several different places as I came to find out. I believe that has since been rectified. They were rude when I called to clarify. I played anyway! lol

I won a small amount in complete compliance with the scattered out terms, but to be honest, I played just enough to win an amount equal to the bonus and cashed out. I was new and glad to have doubled my money. Although I thoroughly exceed any bonus requirements these days, I see nothing wrong with those who choose to make the minimum requirements and leave. They create the threshold, not us!

Anyway, no money, no credit back to my Card, nothing happens! 2 weeks later, I call to check on things and find out the money is back in my account. I call again and get met with the what has to be one of NASTIEST living, breathing organisms of the face of the planet! I'm telling now, SCARY!

I try to be nice, but no way. It escalates and I get locked out. I eventually get my deposit back, no winnings. I call and get the run around, no reasons given and no resolution. I email and email, and never got a response. I finally just gave up.

Interestingly, I thought the game played fine. All blackjack and I was able to effectively utilize the advatages fine...But what does that matter if you can't collect. Especially such a small amount! Of course since then, many similar complaints have verified that this is commonplace.
I like the UG Casinos since you can play player advantage BJ and the bonuses are especially good (mostly 35% of initial deposit in match play chips). Almost universally there was some hassle in getting paid. Not one has failed to pay eventually (so far).

Bali, Get A Bet, Hampton Casino & Sportsbook - busted out eventually. Game seemed fair...never made a withdrawal though.

Gamblers Palace - won 7K, account locked for auditing for three weeks. Had to speak with general manager to get paid, but they did unblock the account and pay every cent. They asked me not to play for now.

IBET - won 12K, account audited (3 days)without being blocked, paid winnings promptly after that.

Island Casino - won 20K, account locked for auditing for a few days. Paid winnings promptly after that. Everyone was very professional and courteous.

Sportbet (sister casino to island so same staff) account locked for auditing even though I never won. Seems island casino audit caused this one.

Old Las Vegas Casino - lost quickly, cards seemed to run funny. A recent gambling.com grumble about slow/not paying small amounts has kept me from going back.

Tangiers - up a couple grand, haven't tried cashing out yet.

Winward - busted out quickly, haven't been back.
Well I'll say this much, those are some good wins! Way to go on that!

Just out of curiosity, how long ago did these these occur? My personal experience was quite a while back, probably around a year and half ago.

I beleive most of the complaints are fairly recent. 6 to 9 months.

Cetainly payment seems to have been the biggest complaint, but if they were going to clip a few people... with the size of your wins, you would have been a pretty good candidate for that! lol

Maybe we will get some more feedback.

I did forget to mention that I played Supreme and got out of there without incident which is why they are the only one I carry. I played and they paid! Again, though, that was some time ago.
Great comments, Seth. Can anyone else add reviews by casino?

I think PlayersBet.com is also a UG casino. It's the only one I've played, and it's been a year since then. Slight delay in payment (they said it was superbowl time and they were busy), but they paid and were nice and professional on the phone.
In answer to the_cpa: My wins at gamblers palace, island and ibet all occurred after October 15, 2001.

I got the impression that a large initial win was what triggered these casinos to do an audit. At two of them I hit the maximum win per day just before the audit started (gamblers palace was 5k and island was 10k). I don't know if these maximums are just for Blackjack or new players or what. I've never triggered a second audit at any of these so hopefully its a one time deal. I've also tried to avoid hitting the daily max again. Instead when I get close I switch to another casino until the next day.

So more info on gamblers palace: They allowed me to cash out but asked that I not play again until they gave me the okay. According to George, the general manager, this was not due to my win, but that there were 32 disconnects during my total play there and they thought that looked odd. It has no effect on play since any incompleted hands are played next time you log in. I didn't experience more than a couple of dropped connections myself so I'm thinking some may have occurred and the software recovered quickyly enough for me not to notice. I've since asked them when I could play again and have not gotten any response.

Some of the UG casinos have trimmed the player advantage down by only allowing double down on 9, 10 and 11. IBET and Island are two of my favorite sites since they allow doubling on any two cards.
Well, I really don't play all that much on UG Casinos except for Winward and a little Tangiers and 5dimes.

Winward has an outstanding CS (customer support) and I've never had any problems at all with them. They used to be a bit low in terms of bonus for initial depositors but they are picking things up now. I saw recently in their Newsletter that they are doing 100% MP for initial depositors. It doesn't apply to me unfortunately, since I already deposited before this. The games are pretty nice and fast paced but their true strenght lies within CS.

I've played some in Tangiers but not that much. I deposited $50 once and lost it quickly. They offer a %15 MP for initial deposits and their CS is above average.

I've played in 5 dimes as well, but mainly in their Sports Book rather than casino. It's a good place and they offer pretty good stuff for newbies.

I've heard some bad stuff about other UG Casinos and this is why I've been a bit skepticall about wagering there. Out of personall experience I recommend WW to you.
I have never heard of any of these casino's
and i notice all that have replied about winning etc
list no country hmmmmm

Bryan,, whatever happened to all these funny posts you used to make like this one and the creative editing in this one HERE...That link is just too funny man !!!

Rob, I think you're going to get the "Oldest thread dug up in 2008" award, hands down. :notworthy

There was another thread dug up today that was 2 years old, but this takes the cake!

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