Unibet live support...


Meister of Infractions
Sep 11, 2014
Noticed 100% match bonus, so deposited for it, but didnt realise was a old active bonus I had, but it had expired anyway so why was it showing active?(account was zero)

Anyway I had another 100% match bonus, so clicked it and said now activated please deposit.

So asked live support to add it manually she refused to do it saying she can't even though she knows im genuine.......

Won't be coming back again thats for sure, anywhere else would add it.


Dormant account
Dec 5, 2013
far far away
had pretty horrible experience with their live chat at iGame which merged to unibet now. Honestly its worst live help experiance ive ever had, ive had more luck with automated bot responses elsewhere.

Registered there a few days before they moved to another platform and havent made a deposit before so wanted to give them a shot now they are part of unibet. But my first deposit bonus wasnt showing on my bonus page, only 2nd - 4th deposit bonuses were there.

Me: hello there, my first deposit bonus is not showing under my bonus tab, only 2nd, 3rd and 4th are there
Chat rep : You have to activate your bonus on bonus page
Me: i cant activate it, its not there
Chat rep : Bonuses need to be activated before you deposit
Me: How do i activate it if its not on my bonus page?
Chat rep : They have recently reopened bonuses again (?!?!) - think he was talking about igame merging with unibet (?)
Me : Thank you that was very helpful !
Chat rep has ended the chat

tbh like 5 sites out there have decent live chat. for others... i cant wait for robots to replace live chat