Unibet deposit bonus


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Appears they aren't conforming to new rules regarding deposit bonuses.

I took a 100% deposit match up to £50 yesterday.

Deposited £50 at Unibet Casino and had a good win very early on. However none of my balance is withdrawable. I complained on live chat and said it's not compliant how you can restrict wins from deposited/cash wagers and have just been shot down and told me I should have read the terms and conditions.

Where do I go from here?


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Hmm not sure what's happened here

I had a 100%'er off them about 2 weeks ago, cash and bonus were always displayed individually and cash part was always withdrawable (99.99% sure it was)

Balance lasted almost a week as I went on holiday mid session, only on my return I dipped into bonus where I couldn't withdraw until I'd met WR.

They do have a rep on here, maybe worth dropping them a PM



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Hmm, starting to doubt myself now, more so after their opening paragraph.

Confident the balances were always apart and as I said sure it offered to let me withdraw the cash part, play so often at various places, could be mistaken tho :oops:

Defo against UKGC bonus terms so as you're in UK a total "no go"

Lets us know how you get on and/if the rep responds!


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Wait for the rep.

Seems like everyone at this casino needs to be retrained to the new laws.
If they dont comply. complain to the gaming commission. That should at the very least get them a nice fine.


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I play alot at unibet and when ever I get deposit bonus is separate at the top bonus money and cash once my cash is gone then I'm in bonus money which needs wagering and I see it says 35x wagering were as mine is 25x for casino