Unibet Casino - The Last Bastion of Default RTP in the UK?

Will need a proper read thru of this reply and the below one, however I am sure I've heard you say individual sessions should be considered together as one long amount of spins? [edit: I only play 96% games, so in today's market, on uk & bookie style sites there are around 6 games I mainly play]

Well if I did this for recent sessions, say last 10, I'd easily be north of 10,000 spins and probably around 40%-50% rtp.

Yes effectively you can (and arguably should!) consider all online sessions on one game as part of one long extended session on that game (you can also extrapolate that out to everything you've ever played, to get a sort of 'master-RTP' figure, if you want, and where the data is available - if the data set is large enough, you'll be within the margin of error to T-RTP aggregated across everything).

10,000 spins is still very much down the lower end though, and is capable of delivering some pretty big swings from T-RTP either up or down.
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The point I made that has pretty much been ignored is, that if you play in a B+M Casino, you could be particularly lucky or unlucky. You could play 10,000 spins and have an rtp of 150% and on the flip side, it could be 30%. This is because the game doesn’t know it’s you. Playing online, takes the element of luck away, if it’s contrived to ensure you always hit rtp.
But how much time and money have you spent getting to that Epic Win? A higher RTP means less money spent and more play time given so as you actually achieve that win. You may disregard RTP but if only your bank balance could speak!
last time I play I spend £191 and won £1800
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same think I spend on here about 100x of my bet (£200) this one is abet old win


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Chop this sounds all reasonable and possible but conflicts 9 times out of 10 with how long a balance actually lasts, even on low stakes. I cannot remember a recent session that has been even near the advertised rtp, I got about 5 small wins in 100 spins once, it was ridiculous.
For UK players the experience has become totally disgusting. I lost count of the times I deposited £200-£300 without even seeing a bonus and if I did see one the times it paid less than x20 was unbelievable.

This was playing games advertised at full rtp. Absolutely beyond shocking. 3 years ago, I thought I was having a bad run if I had to deposit more than £60. That would be heaven compared to recent experiences.

The other thing you can’t help but notice is that your deposit usually busts out in record time, every time. Then you get one session that, if your lucky recoups about 25% of your recent losses. Then it was just rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat.

It was so systematical that it was impossible to ignore and absolutely beyond any possibility that this was all happening randomly.

I am not making any of this up, it was just disgusting and I have openly invited @Videoslotsnotificationacc to post a list of my deposits and withdrawals for the year, as they are one of the worst for obvious compensatory patterns, along with Bet Victor.

It’s not even safe to play any longer as a UK player, you’re just throwing money down the drain.
Just show me the numbers, show me the statistical proof, show me one single piece of evidence beyond how you feel and 'common sense', and I'll take a fair, balanced, and objective look at it.

How can you prove something isn't random? But it's very nature random could mean 30 winning spins on the trot or 30 losing spins or anything in between.

I can only report from my personal experience which is miniscule in the grand scale of things but I find Diamond Mine very suspect when it comes to randomness (or pseudo-randomness which is all computers can really do). There are three versions - standard, Extra Gold and Jackpot King. I play them all quite a lot. The amount of times the RTP of all three is in the same area in the same session is amazing. In 100 spins on each in turn I've had all three at 54 to 56% and, at other times, I've had all three hitting the free spins feature within 50 spins, and paying out quite handsomely. This doesn't happen all the time obviously but it happens often enough to be noticeable. Surely these should all be completely separate as individual games, especially as the Jackpot King version has a lower RTP.
I know our brains are programmed to see patterns even when none exist and I don't have individual daily figures to 'prove' my point as I scrub them at the end of each day and just keep a grand running total but, in my opinion, they definitely run hot & cold rather than randomly.
I'm not too fussed as I'm in the area of the stated RTP on all three (my personal stats are 95.77% and 96.16% on the standard and Extra Gold which have the same RTP and 98.85% on Jackpot King which, theoretically, has a lower RTP) but I'm fascinated by the subject!

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