Unibet account closure


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Jan 22, 2017
Hi , i deposit over 3000$ in a week , unibet ask for my document , i sent back in 24h timeframe (accepted document at 5+casino) and now my account is closed with no question asked ... Wow i cant believe that , i'm registered at over 10 casino and this is my first closure...
Imagine i win a sum of money , i cant withdraw them , its just ridiculous ! But he take my deposit instantly .
He close my account with no reason and question asked , i want to refund my deposit obviously !
Unibet at rating 9.8 on casinomeister ??
I try to talk at support , when i said my account is close with no question asked , he show me that

3.2 Management of the Unibet Account

3.2.1 Unibet reserves the right at its own discretion and at all times, to:

a. decline to open a Unibet Account and/or to close or suspend an existing Unibet Account without any explanation whatsoever;
b. decline to accept deposits without any explanation whatsoever;

I really want to open a PAB here...
Unibet is reviewed at Casinomeister. It is an CM Accredited, vetted, and highly recommend casino listed at our site.

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