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Jan 8, 2019
Having just seen the list of licenced domain names on the UKGC website I noticed there are over 1100 'Active' and a further 800 names listed under 'White Label'. Some domain names are the same casino with videoslots.co.uk and videoslots.com and there are a ton of charity and lottery websites also.

However, the amount surprised me and a quick search of a few names, under 'A', took me to some websites which looked ok. They had some decent providers, mention of 24/7 service, the usual pay options and even a mention of max RTP on one of the first sites i came too.

Before i saw this list i had the impression, rightly or wrongly, that our choice was limited and growing smaller. So now confused a little I had some questions that maybe someone more industry savvy could help with:

How many active online casinos are there for UK players?

Looking quickly at the list and hazarding a guess i would say there must be somewhere between 500 - 700 but without checking each site its just a guess.

If these are licenced and trading under the UKGC's heavily regulated wing what are the pitfalls of playing at these?

Its been mentioned before that the continual squeeze from the UKGC will push people to faraway, unsafe shores but looking at this list i dont understand how. I know some casinos stall and look for reasons not to pay but i also had the impression, rightly or wrongly, that this kind of practice was becoming rarer for our regulated casinos and not so much a done thing in the UK regulated market.
whats the link for the list please? I find the UKGC website almost impossible to navigate.

Outdated URL (Invalid)

You can download your very own version....enjoy lol :)

It lists inactive on there also and i probably overestimated in my active guess but still a bundle and hence the question. Agree its a nightmare to navigate - had to go back through my history to find it again.

Edit: Just remembered i clicked to access their new Beta site and it was on there.......

Outdated URL (Invalid)

scroll down to access the public register.

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