Underage gambler to be sued


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Feb 22, 2001

Iowa casino has had enough....

The persistent and fraudulent efforts of underage gamblers who try to enter and use gambling facilities at land or online casinos are a constant menace for operators, and grist for the anti-gambling mill of activists, legislators and the popular press. So many operators will have empathy for two Iowa land casinos that were fined when their ID checks slipped....but intend to ensure that the youthful cause of their punishment and embarrassment feels at least some of the heat as well.

Reports from Iowa media carried by Casino City reveal that two land casinos in the state were fined $20 000 last week for allowing an underage person to gamble - and the general manager of one of those establishments says he plans to sue the young offender who caused the trouble in the first place.

Joe Massa runs the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort where a 19-year-old woman was allowed to enter the casino with an I.D. on October 15th, but was later questioned and re-checked after a security guard became suspicious.

Massa contacted the state Department of Criminal Investigation and the young woman admitted she was using her sister's I.D. and that she had been to the casino twice before to gamble. Massa says the casino reported the violation to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission.

The casino manager says the City of Riverside's penalty for trespassing is only $200, but the casino plans to sue the woman in order to send a message. "She knew that she shouldn't be there and she intentionally used someone else's I.D. to gain access," Massa told reporters.

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