under review with our Safer Gambling team....


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Jul 29, 2020
under review with our Safer Gambling team...

Oh joys, well my little streak started about 5 days ago, 10 free money at Casi-go turned it into 60 after wagering for a nice little cashout. Then to my shock horror the Ladbrokes daily wheel only goes and lands on the bloody 100 quid.... So shocked i had to call the better half over. Turned that into 200 just playing small stakes and money was in bank 5 hours after withdrawl... So im no big gambler, 20 quid a week sometimes more if ive had a good hit. But mainly just 20. I thinking im on a good run at the moment. So 20 quid on a white hat gaming casino, I have never had any issues with these casino's before. Stick me 20 in, get and extra 10 and off i go.. 20 turns into 250. Right ill take 200 out (wagering done).. Playing a lot as only play small stakes and im having a blast.. Now that 50 turned into 300.. Jeeez WTF is going on, i know it's not a massive amount of money but to win anything these days is a rarity lol...

Go to login today...

I get asked about my gambing activity.. I say i only deposit 20 a week and play on small stakes

Your account is locked, please contact support if you require further assistance.

Ok yes a had been playing a lot, but i had only deposited 20 quid

It's nice to be looking out for your customers, but surely playtime is not as important as someone who is sticking grands in a week

So now all my acounts at WHG casinos are locked

with 500 quid sitting there

Oh well rant over


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Ladbrokes is an ethically challenged Online Casino.
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