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Apr 18, 2002
[color=000000]Can soene tell me why Bryan dont answer e-mails from his members? I only sent him one four days ago and he has not bothered his ass to respond to me!!!!!!!!!!

and it was a nice juicy subject
Sorry, it didn't appear that this went thru. deleted.

(Message edited by the_cpa on April 22, 2002)
Even Webmasters take a little time off?
Maybe He's gettin laid?
Maybe he's considering whatever it is you sent!
Maybe he's not interested.
I'm sure the guy has a lot going on and it's the weekend. Relax!
yeh ok,you didn't mean what you said but surley four days is long enough for anyone to answer an e-mail...i am just trying to help other members to maybe avoid this e-mail i recieved i think it sux and is a con.
Now ya've got me curious!! Isit something about the goldenballs casino?? Hope you still share it with us so that we can stay away from the rip off places - like the ones at Virtual Casino!
Why not post it if it is likely to save the members' asses? Bryan will see it here as a reminder too - and he is entitled to some time off occasionally.
Hey Goldenballs,

For a new member (3 days) you
are pretty rude, demanding to
know why you didn't get a reply
to an e-mail in a time frame
you find acceptable.

If you have dealt with on line
casino's before, you should be
used to waiting weeks for a response. :lol:

Bryan is NOT a casino. You'll get a reply
when he gets a chance.

Then you make a smart ass remark to
the CPA. His post was funny.
Your reply was NOT.

You seem like a real loser, buddy :p
Hi All,

Yes I received your email Thursday at about ten to five pm my time. I read it, made a mental note to respond to it (I was in the process of finishing up Thursday's newsletter). Friday came and went (most af the day was spent working on some scripting issues, and publishing "The Fair Deal" the OPA's newletter).

Saturday. I did not visit the office.

Sunday. I spent time with the family and went for a walk around a local 16th century fortress and ate some ice cream.

Monday I received your second email, complaining that I didn't answer your first. Sorry, my apologies, but I didn't feel that it was an issue that required me to drop whatever I was doing, even though it was an interesting email. It wasn't like some casino was sucking your credit card dry without your consent. I get emails from my mother that takes me longer to respond to.

My advice...chill out, man. Get a grip on what is real.

Here is the spam that was forwarded to me from the originator of this thread

It's merely trash...I got the same spam mail from this yahoo account. This was still in my trash bin:

Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 23:22:14 -0400
Subject: 0.00 FREE! No deposit needed!
From: bobd@yahoo.com
To: dealer@casinomeister.com

How are you doing?
I found a casino that has a free $50.00 chip
to try out their new software.
I know, you've been looking for these types of offers.
Thanks for the last one you sent me, that was fun!

Just to let you know also they gave me
50% of my first deposit free.
Use coupon code "SPAM"
when you make your first deposit.
and they will give you another $100.00 free.

To get the free $50.00 just download
the software, make a user name
then send us an EMAIL ASAP to
and ask for bonus "SPAM"

They will have the money in your account ASAP!
Link Removed (invalid URL)

Have fun, and if you find any more
freebies let me know! Also lets keep this
in the circle eh?!

Talk to you later,

***end of spam

Link Removed (invalid URL) is an RTG site. Approach with caution if you wish prompt payments (WinIt/Virtual/bonzai are sister casinos I believe). Also rule of thumb #1, never take email from yahoo accounts seriously when it comes to crap like this.

hi nothing like a bit of banter to see if a forum is alive and kicking this is kicking,i mean instead of answering my e.mail bryan takes a day off to vist a 16th century fortress which he could vist eny time i mean its been there since the 16th century and if that wasnt bad enough eating bloody ice cream as well my god what is the world comming to,also bry the last bit of your
e.mail i took your advice and got to grips with reality last night what a tasty bird she was thaks for the tip,any way great forum enjoying it
hang on just heard the score england won rest of the world nil see ya goldenballs up-wind
Real = icecream and castles
Real = tasty birds and football
Unreal (like the undead I suppose) = spam from Yahoo accounts
Unreal = people/casinos that condone spam

totally agree jetset it would be a boring world if we were all the same like having a bit of a crack then geting slaged off for the heinous crime of asking a question how do you lot know i might have been new to computers and forums but no every one could not wait to jump on the bandwagon and have a dig at least bryan (casinomeister) took it the right way so im an impatient sod whoes perfect thanks for the warm welcome there is a reason why i did it, to the c pa cool man

I am Victor Perez, the manager of a Casino named Goldenballs Casino. Someone wrote me about this topic, here and he thought that goldenballs and me are the same person. My username here, at Casinomeinster, is vperezr and not goldenballs.

Goldenballs Casino
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.
due know what i am fed up reading about these shit casinos that rip off punters then laugh in there face and say so what are you going to do mug say for instance you are new to on line casinos and you dont know about sites like casinomeisters,gambling.com,gongambling, and so on you dont know you are going to get rip off till they rip you off over here we have the sporting life wich regulates every thing to do with horse racing/betting there decision is final and binding why cant we have a body like that for online casinos bryan&julie sidwell can only do so much how about some sort of union if we all stick together we can get rid of these cowboys by blocking there casinos no mug puntetrs no operation/no money/on your way what do you think iv got loads of ideas

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