Unable to Withdraw $1200 from Peach Casino


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Jun 11, 2006
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Peach Casino still uses the Cryptologic pin number. You must receive the pin number by mail before making any withdrawls. I made the first request for a pin number on July 11th. It did not arrive in the mail. Over the past 7 weeks, I've made two more requests that I did not receive. I confirmed that they have the correct mailing address. I have received pin numbers from other Crytologic casinos at this mailing address without issue, one of them in early August, at the same time I was expecting one from Peach.

I contacted Peach Casino on the phone and explained the situation. I suggeted alternative ways of verifying my address, such as faxing in a driver's license and utility bill, listing the name and address that is registered on my account. They refused, saying I must use the pin number. They said the only remaining alternative is to pay $20 for a FedEx shipment of the pin number, which should have tracking data. I have been reluctant to do this since I should not have to pay $20 for their problems sending mail, and I'd expect the FedEx shipment to have the same problems as the previous attempts.

Does anyone else have other ideas?
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Does anyone else have other ideas?

Stand your ground on the FedEX bs. Tell them to send it insured or registered postal mail, which will also give them a tracking number.

In the meantime, it wouldn't hurt to PAB....7 weeks is long enough.
Cryptologic banning US players in October had one upside for me. Peach finally paid me the $1200, as they could no longer keep the money in my casino account. I received it in late October... 3 months after I originally requested the withdrawal.

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